Hope is not a plan.

Anderson Cooper
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Pirates of the Caribbean

After watching the latest Harry Potter on the first day that it showed and standing in line like a bunch of groupies, my family and I still haven’t learned the lesson. The most precious lesson that, no matter what happens, no matter how much you feel like it, never ever watch on opening day. Especially popular movies that have cult followings like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. But did you think we learned a lesson? NO! We had to go and stand in line outside the movie theater (didn’t want to spend the extra $12.00 to buy online) while a bunch of teenagers with horrendous B.O.’s fan themselves blowing the awful stench in our direction. After surviving the ordeal, we finally queued inside and waited for 45 minutes for the movie. Come opening credits, I was so ready to call it a night, what with all the racket my seatmates made who took the time to watch video clips of themselves taken from the National Zoo.

Thankfully, the movie was good and that made up for it. I just cannot get over why Elizabeth had to kiss Jack!!! I think Will is way more attractive and hotter than Jack and Elizabeth is such an airhead to be even have the stomach to kiss Jack. But then, that’s just me.

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