Movie Night – Arthur and the Invisibles


We borrowed Arthur and the Invisibles  from Blockbuster a long time ago and it sat for 5 days, unwatched by my kids until DH finally broke down and returned it. But since Friday night was movie night (a family tradition of ours. we watch a movie every Friday night) and we cannot find a new movie, we borrowed this. Now my kids are getting to the age where they don’t like babyish movies. And they thought this was one of them. Well it wasn’t that babyish. There was action, which they loved and there was animation which they also loved and the animation was cool not babyish at all. Except for that one character who eerily looked like a troll doll. You know, one of those dolls with humonguous eyes and spiky pink hair? That one.

The story pretty much started like one of those “once upon a time” movies. And I immediately noticed the farm. You see, I have this love for farmhouses with wrap around porches. I dream that one day when I retire that I will be able to afford one of those houses and afford to live on my pension. But anyways, back to the story…

It’s an adventure packed story and the kid who plays Arthur is that British kid in almost all the movies who plays well,  the kid. He’s a cute one too. While we didn’t understand why the kid had a British accent and all the others had American accent, we tried to look past that and concentrated on the storyline. Interesting actors who voiced the characters – Madonna, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, to name a few.

This is a movie that kids will surely love.

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Yard Sale Finds of the Week

Time once again to post my yard sale finds of the week:
Black Sandals and red strappy sandals. Love how the hue isn’t a slutty red but a saucy red. $5.00 for both. shoes.jpg
I was so happy when I found this. The red valance with the check lining is perfect. And the red plaid curtain on the left is identical to the red placemats I already have. Now this looks like a Longaberger fabric that someone probably purchased and made. I’m just glad I got it for a fraction of the cost. The floral curtain was $3.00 and the plaid curtain was $2.00 at a church yard sale
This is also a great find. The rug was rolled when they were selling it and I did not get a chance to see what the pattern was but the color was right and the price made it irresistible – $2.00. The blue curtains I love. I love toile and it certainly matches the rug – $3.00
At a flea market, this lady was selling a trunkful of clothes and I got all these from her:
white Ann Taylor linen pants, The Limited cropped pants, The Limited pink stripe shirt and a BCBG black sleeveless blouse. The price – a whopping $8.00 for all of them or $2.00 apiece. The downside: all of them are dry clean only. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

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Yet More Weird Things About Me

I am finding it hard to come up with more weird things about me for the following reasons:

  1. I don’t think I’m weird enough
  2. What I think might be normal for me will be weird for other people and what I think might be weird for me just might be plain “huh?” for other people
  3. I’m so boring, I cannot find anything weird about me

But I digress. I thought since Scroochchronicles did hers by just adding more to her old list 💡 , I might as well do as she did. 

1. I microwave my ice cream. I like it melted. Yum!

2. I cry at commercials. Hallmark commercials, tender loving moments between father & daughter, mother and son, you name it. I cry buckets!

3. I read the newspaper everyday BUT start with the entertainment and comic section before I read the front page. Sometimes I skip reading the front page altogether.

4. I can easily memorize lyrics but don’t know the title or who the singer is.

5. When I am at other people’s houses I re-arrange and re-decorate their stuff in my head. Somehow I have this urge to move the sofa away from the wall, put fresh flowers on the table or change the color scheme altogether.

6. I clean the house at night, not in the morning. I have more energy during the evening than in the morning. Yup, not a morning person.

7. I write down and take notes of dialogues from TV shows and movies. What can I say? Sometimes you get wisdom from the unexpected sources.

8. No matter how hot or cold it is, I use a blanket whenever I sleep or take a nap.

9. I feel that if I am wearing sleeveless shirts that I am revealing too much of myself courtesy of my kili-kili (armpits). Which is really weird since I am not that modest. (I do wear sleeveless shirts when it’s too hot). I like it on other women, just not on myself.

10. I can and will eat any food and can be adventurous enough to try and eat exotic foods but will not eat certain fruits. I also refuse to try fruits new to me.

11. I have way more cross stitch stash to last me 3 lifetimes but I refuse to part with it. It is intended for my retirement and I plan to include it in my last will and testament.

12. I was in a Romeo and Juliet play in high school – as Romeo. 😀

13. Whenever I’m upset or when I need to think, I bake. I find comfort in all purpose flour and mixing and kneading clears my head. And I will not just bake one kind of something, it has to be 2 different things like brownies and muffins at the same time. I feel that I am wasting time, energy and gas if I only bake one thing at a time.

14. I have sensitive feet. Certain shoes that have no arch support hurts my feet which makes it hard for me to wear cute flip flops. I still prefer sneakers over sandals. I do wear flip flops and sandals but only if I don’t need to walk a distance or stand for a long time. (Although this is more like me getting old than being weird.boohoohoo)

15. I used to be terrified at night in my sleep because I thought bad people were breaking in our house. I would lie awake at night stiff as a board and silent as a church mouse because I thought the smallest movement or sound will alert thieves.

So there. Weird enough for ya? 😉

I am tagging bangusnakulot, hailey, and kristine.

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Tags Galore- but the pain!

I’ve been tagged by Scroochchronicles for 15 weird things and who am I and Facts about me by Hailey. Thanks Ladies! I promise to do all of ’em as soon as I am able. For now I haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been suffering from excruciating migraine attacks for almost 4 days now. And because of this I cannot function normally which is driving me nuts! I’ve taken medication and I do get respites from the pain but it still comes back. So until then my blogger friends, bear with me. I just wanted y’all to know I’m still here and not on a journey to the moon.

Have a great day everyone!

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Movies we Recently Watched

Here are some movies we recently watched on DVD:

Catch and Release – I love Jennifer Garner. I think she’s perfect. Not too girly, is just like one of the boys and very beautiful. She’s a great actress too! I love her whether she’s kicking butt in Alias or being goofy in 13 Going on 30 and being the girl next door in romantic movies.
The movie was okay. Not too believable, the storyline. But it makes for good entertainment and that Timothy Olyphant is one eye candy too!

Bridge to Terabithia – Having been marketed as “just like Chronicles of Narnia” we were expecting something more magical to happen. Instead, one of the lead characters died and they lived in their own fantasy until the very end. Sure there were some resolutions but still, where was the real magic? The effects were okay and they could have explored it more. In the end, the audience feels cheated.

Miss Potter – Despite warnings in movie reviews stating that “Renee Zellweger looked like she’s sucking lemons” (her face and lips contort in such a way that you wonder if she really is), we watched the movie. It’s the story of the children’s book author Beatrix Potter. While her story is a good one – woman from well-to-do family becomes author and gets engaged to her editor, it is a common one. It is a peek into her untold life story. Ewan Macgregor was under utilized in the movie. I am so glad we just rented it and not watched it at the movie theatre. It’s not worth it.

Babe – I know, this is an old movie, if you call 1995 old. I love this movie and youngest son G loves pigs so much. I get a hoot watching the 3 tiny mice and mimic their teeny tiny voice. Best line in the movie: “that’ll do, pig, that’ll do”. My sons were surprised and they thought that Shrek came first with the line. I had to explain to them that this came first.

Astronaut Farmer – this is a feel good movie that we all watched as a family. It’s basically the believe-in-your-dreams-and-they-will-come-true kind of movie. Nonetheless we enjoyed it. Billy Bob Thornton is such a good actor once you get past the thought of him and Angelina Jolie once upon a time carrying each other’s blood on vials. It’s the story of a farmer who’s building a space rocket in his barn.

Can you tell that it’s summer?

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The Comfort Zone

They say the best way to reach out to someone is asking for his/her help. It feels good to be needed. In this case, I’m so touched that 2 people asked for my advice on the same day. One is a former co-worker. She asked for advice about a job offer – should she stay or should she go? The new job she’s being offered has better benefits, higher pay and a lighter caseload. I told her it’s a no-brainer, that she should take the job offer. But here’s the deal with her – she’s also been at her present job for a looooong time now. She knows the ins and outs and every nook and corner of the workplace. Now, others would think it’s such a boring job and it’s time to move on, look for another challenge. But for her it’s her comfort zone. Like a child refusing to leave her mother’s womb, she does not want to leave the old work place. I advised her time and again (when she did ask for advice, I never give unsolicited advices) to just leap and give it a try. She refuses.

Now she’s in a dilemma because she did accept the job offer on the spot. But when she told the current employers, she said they offered to equal the salary. But that’s all. No promise of better benefits nor lighter caseload or at least an appreciation of all the things she does. Let me tell you, this girl is overworked and underpaid and unappreciated. So this is what I told her – how about taking a 2 week leave from the current job, work at the other one and see how it goes? At least you gave it a try. Now if you did not like the other job, then you can always come back to your other one. But at least you tried.

I have yet to hear from her. It’s been 2 weeks and nothing. I did not want to bother her and think I’m pestering her or anything. But I do hope for her professional and personal growth that she’ll at least give the other job a chance. I’m not the only one who has advised her to leave. Everyone she knows advised her to jump ship a long time ago. Did she ever listen? Heck no! Which made us all think that this current workplace is her comfort zone.

What is the comfort zone really?

The comfort zone – it’s a warm and fuzzy place. A place we don’t want to ever leave. Be it the ancestral home, our home country, our old workplace. But there is a time when we need to leave. To spread our wings and fly. To see what’s out there. It is not being disloyal,  being a traitor or being greedy. It is about taking risks and trying to be the very best that we can be in circumstances different to what we were accustomed to. It is for our own personal growth, for us to live and learn from our mistakes. And to bask in success once we get there. It is part of being human.

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10 Random Facts About my Mom

Mitch tagged me for this and found out in the process that our Moms have some things in common.

Here are some random facts about my Mom:

1. She was the first, at age 19, to get married in her family, making me the oldest among the apos (Grandchild) and pamangkins (nieces/nephews). She had me when she was 20.
2. She was a former stage actress. She belonged to a prominent stage actors association and would have continued with a career in Theater Arts had she not met my Dad.
3. She has great fashion sense. She taught us at an early age what and what not to wear.
4. She’s a great writer and have been writing other people’s speeches for them. I have yet to encourage her to blog though.
5. She’s feisty and a survivor. During times when she had to make ends meet, never once did we feel deprived of anything.
6. I learned my bargaining skills from her. Being the eldest, she’ll take me everywhere she shops – the supermarket, Divisoria, Baclaran, etc. I watched and learned as she haggled her way to sealing the deal.
7. She was the one who taught me to smoke-for a stage play I was doing. My castmates were in awe!
8. Among my circle of friends, she’s the cool Mom – the one everyone calls “Mommy”.
9. She’s psychic, or so she claims. Hey, she’s my Mom. I won’t argue with her. 😉
10. She’s talkative. Sometimes to a fault. She volunteers too much information even to strangers, which sometimes embarasses me. But she means well.

And even though our relationship isn’t perfect, we were close. Sure we argued and we yelled and we had our differences but at the end of the day we turn to each other for comfort and love. We still are close and I can tell her pretty much anything. She’s a good Lola (grandmother) to my sons and a good MIL to DH.

I am now tagging Scrooch, Christianne, Belle, Feng, FeistyMomma, Rachel,  and Tina .

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Rocking Girl Blogger


FeistyMomma voted me for the rocking girl blogger. Moi! Who just started blogging 4 months ago. If I had the time and energy, I would have made this blog into so much more so I am in fact guilty of not tweaking my blogsite. But still. I try my best.  So thank you so much, FeistyMomma!

This Rockin’ Girl Blogger concept was started by Roberta Ferguson. Now it’s time for me to follow the rule and that is to pick my own 5 Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.

I would like to vote for the following:
Scroochnicles– never a boring post.
mommychi – for being so open and candid about her life
Mitchteryosa – i betcha you talk as fast as you post
Lizzz – the new mom who rocks!
SheilaMarie – great pics and great posts!

I would have voted for more but I betcha they’ve been nominated already. I salute you gals for being rocking girl bloggers! Happy blogging!!!  

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