Grey’s Wisdom

Here is another one of Grey’s wisdom. And one of the main reasons I am so into this show. It is not only McDreamy or George. It is also about their lives, the lessons I learn and the events and emotions I can relate to.
I got this from one of the writers of the show:

“I believe that where there is darkness there is light. I believe that from death comes life. I believe that in the face of great pain, families become closer. Friendships become deeper. Life becomes sweeter. And I believe it’s important to be reminded of the loss of love so that we will value and honor the love we have while have it.
I hope you do that. ”
Krista Vernoff
writer, Grey’s Anatomy

I am in awe of last night’s episode and I am still in mourning. I cannot talk about it though for I don’t want to give anything away. All I can say is that this has been a great episode once again.

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Grey’s is Back!

Grey’s is back after a month of re-runs and I am psyched! This show always manages to make me smile, laugh my heart out, cry and long for something every single time I watch it. The songs gets me too! It never fails, every single time. Well, I’m a sucker for soundtracks and I have the 2 that Grey’s came out with. So that’s no surprise. But no TV show has ever gotten me so involved like Grey’s. I am such a groupie and one day I will break down and buy my longed for McDreamy t-shirt. And McDreamy oooohhhhhh!!!! I wish he was my McDreamy!!!
I love how the characters somehow show different sides. They’re not just good all the time but they can be evil, bitchy and mean the next. All of the characters are flawed and it’s just perfect that way. No one’s a saint and no one’s good all the time so this is like the real thing. I am not making sense right now I think. I am still heady that my favorite TV show is back.

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