Off to the Beach

It’s the Memorial Day weekend- the unofficial start of summer and we are celebrating! We are off to the beach where we rented a quaint cottage. No internet, nothing fancy schmanzy, just good old summer fun. We will awake to the sounds of the waves and soak in the sun. TheFisherman will be so happy again and the boys will build sandcastles or sand sculptures or whatever it is they can mold with their hands. I will be along the sidelines, taking in the scene, book in hand and getting a tan.

For a while we will forget the home improvement projects, the Verizon people who digged and bore holes in our front yard. Yes, the same front yard we painstakingly tried to revive by dumping with a truckful of dirt. Where we spent about 5 weeknights shovelling and dumping and leveling everything off. The front yard that delivered – as evidenced by the green soft grass that finally grew and thrived. The green green grass that TheFisherman coveted for a long time now. The same spot the Verizon people decided they will bore holes in and install wires under.

But we will forget about that.

For now the truck is packed with the fishing gear and a 3 days worth of clothes and food. We will savor this vacation as much as we can.

Hope you all have a great weekend as well!


picture is of a cross stitch piece I made. It says:

Remember summer at the beach
feeding gulls just out of reach
clouds of animals drifting by
changing places in the sky
It borders on a shameful crime
to leave our childhood summertime

~~~~D. Morgan~~~~~

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