Summer Mornings


It’s the second week of summer and so far, it’s been okay.
I try my best to keep the boys occupied.
The first few days after school was out- was bliss!
We didn’t have to wake up early and my 10 year old loved sleeping until 9-9:30 a.m.,
DS2 would wake up earlier but will just crawl in bed with me and fall asleep again.
That right there was a great moment.
When you just settle under the covers in soft, smooth blankets 
with your child in your arms.
We wake up and lazily decide what to eat for breakfast. 
They settle on cereal or pandesal (Philippine roll) and milk.
We all read while eating breakfast.
The newspaper gets automatically divided in sections –
the funnies for DS1,
the kid’s post (the kid’s version of the Washington Post) for DS2
and the Metro section for me.
We silently flip through the pages, chomping in between.
For a while, time is suspended and we think of nothing.
We finish off our breakfast and the kids dart to their respective places-
DS1 in the basement
and DS2 in the playroom.
I stay at the kitchen table.
And take in the moment.

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4th Month

I just realized that this is my fourth month of blogging. I am enjoying it and am getting addicted. I am glad to have made cyber friends. Through reading other people’s blogs I get a glimpse of what other people are going through in their daily lives. I write so that one day I can look back and read on what I was before, what I did, how the kids were and how life was. Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, we all have our own place to share our hopes, thoughts, fears and dreams.

I would like to thank the people who visit my blog. Thank you, thank you. Your comments mean so much and it makes my day. Thanks to the blogs I visit too – you all inspire me.

Happy blogging everyone!

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Women and Their Lover/Killers

On the news is yet another woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend. She was 9 months pregnant. This is such a terrible thing and I cannot understand how a horrendous crime happens to a woman and that it is usually her boyfriend/husband who did this. There was Lacey Peterson, a much publicized missing person’s case. It drew so much media attention because she was 9 months pregnant too and her husband acted peculiarly during the time she was missing. They even did a made-for-TV-movie on Lifetime about Scott Peterson which, according to reviews, were eerily accurate. Dean Cain’s portrayal was so convincing that you’d hate him while watching the movie. I didn’t watch it so I wouldn’t know.

One of the things I cannot really comprehend is how the person who promised to cherish, honor and be with you in sickness and in health end up to be the person to kill you. As in the case of Lacey who was killed by her husband. He was a scumbag to begin with for him to have an affair with another woman while his wife was pregnant. But to kill her and her unborn child? His unborn child too? This is one of the many cases but one of the most recent ones that I can remember but is very much the same scenario. Husband/Boyfriend kills pregnant wife/girlfriend. Well if he didn’t love the person anymore, why can’t he just leave the woman. No reason to kill her! It makes me so mad! One minute he’s being caring and loving and thoughtful and the next he kills? I cannot bear the thought of having someone I sleep with, whisper sweet nothings to and share every waking day with and turn out to the be the same person who takes my life. I shudder at the thought how someone who “cares and loves you” turns out to cold bloodedly kill you.

I feel really sorry for these women who are victims of such crimes. I can only offer my prayers to their families who they left behind.

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Scenes of the First Day of Summer

Summer officially started on June 21st here in North America. We decided to go biking and walk along the Huntley Meadows Park. What best way to spend it than to commune with nature. Here are some pictures:

(Pardon the quality as I have yet to figure out how to do the alignment without messing up the pic.)


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Last Day of School

It’s the last day of school for my kids. And I spent the whole day running around and driving to and fro. First, I had to drop them off to school, then after 2 hours (it was a shortened period as it was the last day and they spent the day mostly cleaning up and gathering their left-over school supplies and signing each others’ yearbooks) I had to pick up DS2. DS1 goes to a different school and his dismissal time is one hour after DS2. After picking up DS2, I belatedly remembered that I did not send a gift to DS1’s teacher so I had to hurry up and wrap one up. And then I remembered that I had to pick up DS1’s asthma inhaler from the clinic before school lets out. So I had to go to DS1’s school to 1)pick up the inhaler and 2) drop off the gift for his teacher. When we (DS2) got there, parking was scarce as there was a send off party for the 6th graders. I had to hurriedly park wherever I can (which was far) and made a mad dash to the school with DS2 in tow. I would have picked up DS1 but then I remembered that I forgot to wrap a gift for DS1’s schoolbus lady. So drive off to the house again and wrapped a gift and waited for DS1’s bus at the stop. As I was making the turn, I saw that his bus was coming along and I had to park only to see that it was not his regular bus lady but a sub. Before I can even get down from my car and try to stop the bus driver he left. So there I was sweating bullets with a gift in my hand. Oh well, I’ll just go to the school and drop it off another day.

Let me tell you – I am way more organized than this. I pride myself in being prepared way ahead. I have a drawerful of gifts for whatever occassion, a card organizer, gift bags and ribbons, the whole nine yards. But for some reason, I totally forgot about the last day of school. Boohoohoo, I’m getting old!

But seriously, life gets so overwhelming sometimes. And I’m only human after all.

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Romeo, Juliet and 5th Graders


My 5th grader just had their play on Romeo and Juliet. He played Lord Montague because he said he didn’t want to be Romeo. It’s funny because the girl who plays Juliet likes him a lot. But anyways, the 5th graders presented this to their parents inside their classrooms so they didn’t have costumes nor props. The only thing they had was a backdrop they did themselves. The performers did a good job memorizing their lines but their facial expressions could use some work. There wasn’t even any tone or feelings in their voices. Their faces looked stoic all throughout the play. But of course, as parents, we watched and beamed whenever our kids delivered their lines perfectly word for word.

According to their teacher, the kids who played Romeo and Juliet can’t even stand in the same side of the room as the other. And you can tell that they still felt self-conscious the whole time. “Romeo” kept fidgeting and “Juliet” had her head bowed down the whole time. Then you know that this is indeed the age of awareness. It used to be that they did not care about each other. They used to tease each other endlessly and play with no cares in the world. This time though you can see how conscious they are. As a parent, you can’t help but feel amused and sad at the same time. Amused because your child is growing up and sad because, well, your child is growing up.

Looking at my son’s classmate, I can’t help but notice how they’ve grown and the changes they have undergone. Below are some of the changes I noticed in my 10 year old:

  1. He is getting taller.
  2. His voice has gotten deeper.
  3. He’s wearing glasses because he has poor vision now from reading too much but he said most kids and adults in school complemented him on how “professional” he looks.
  4. He told me one of his female classmates likes him. I asked if he liked her too and he just shrugged. I told him it’s okay to like somebody. He assured me he’ll tell me once he does find someone he likes.
  5. He’s into youtube and music videos.
  6. He’s getting conscious about his looks – he constantly checks if he looks fat and makes a conscious effort to exercise. And he combs his hair now! 😉

One thing remains constant though – he still constantly teases his younger brother and makes his life miserable. I brace for the summer. When they are in each other’s faces and constantly invading each other’s personal space.

He’s going to be in 6th grade next year. And one Mom warned me of the impending doom. “They’re going to be very difficult”, she said. “So be prepared”. Gee thanks!

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Another what???


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For some reason, my youngest son G wants me to have a baby. When I asked him why he said “’cause I don’t have anyone to play with. Kuya (older brother) annoys me too much?” I felt really bad for him when he said that because he was on the brink of tears. My older son C is really annoying at times so G was telling the truth. C teases him a lot and G cries easily. And I deal with this every. single. day!DH wants me to have another baby too. Me? I don’t want to have any more. “It might be a girl” DH tells me. “But what if it’s another boy?Then we’ll have 3 boys now!”, I lament. “Then we’ll have to have another one then”. I roll my eyes in response to his reasoning. Seriously, they expect me to have a baby just because it might be a girl? And just because Kuya teases a lot? No freaking way! As it is with the 2 boys running all over the place I feel incredibly ancient. Jurassic even! And then they’ll add another baby to the mix? Hello! Wouldn’t I be better off with a hammer on my head?

I mean, I have been a SAHM for a while now because we didn’t want to entrust the kids’ care to just any daycare provider. And now that they’re in an age where we’re pretty confident that the right values have been inculcated and we trust their decisions, and that finally the possibility of me working again is so near I can taste it, here comes another baby? Diapers, sleepless nights, ear infections – those are the only things I can think of. Granted that the sight of a cute, chubby baby is very appealing and all but still the icky factor outweighs the cuteness factor. And so i say NO. Am I selfish for thinking this? Had we been in the Philippines where the kids can have a full time nanny and they’ll be surrounded by relatives, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts. But we are here in a country where having a nanny is almost a luxury and we are far away from relatives. And the thought of me raising yet another human being and starting from square one scares the hell out of me. So I say NO.  

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The Painted Veil


Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people

The Painted Veil

Watched this movie last night with DH. It was higly recommended by my friend D. I didn’t know it was a dramatic movie but DH watched it with me all throughout. It’s a movie set in 1920’s England and then China (DH said it was shot in Thailand due to the landscape). It’s a very poignant story about a husband and a wife who got married in a rush. The man is inlove with the woman but the woman just married him just so he can get away from her mother. What happened next, you’ll have to watch the movie as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

What matters is that it is a movie of trying to find oneself – in life and in love. And when they finally found it, the end was bittersweet. The message is that even though sometimes we do the things we do and despite making mistakes in our lives, it is human nature and so if forgiving and starting anew. And loving again.

This movie wasn’t an overly dramatic movie but the message cut across and I enjoyed it. I don’t know about you but nowadays there are some movies that are too realistic that some graphic scenes makes me want to leave. And I do. Because we usually watch these kinds of movies in the confines of our home, I have the option to leave for violent or unpleasant scenes. This movie, thankfully had none of those. I sat through the whole movie and I think DH liked it too. 😉

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