Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4 epi 1: A Change is Gonna Come

You know how popular your favorite TV show is when the Principal’s opening remarks on back to school night is : “I am going to hurry things up so you can all go home in time for the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy”. Such was the case today for my son G’s school. C’s was yesterday and it didn’t coincide with anything. Private Practice? puhleaze! Although I might give it another chance, if I have the time. Which unfortunately I do not have right now. All I have time for is Ugly Betty and Grey’s. Heck even Oprah herself said she doesn’t watch TV but she watches Grey’s. Yay Grey’s!

Anyways, this episode’s good. Not the best season opener but close. Looks like the old Grey’s from seasons 1-2. And Shonda Rhimes did say we’re going to get the old Grey’s back so fans have high hopes. She also said George and Izzie aren’t the love story of the century, which I am thankful for personally. Although the idea of falling inlove with your BFF isn’t far fetched, being inlove with your married BFF is a different matter altogether. I still think Izzie and Alex should be together. Love the sensitivity though of Izzie and George, maybe it helps that they’re BFFs in real life. Christina, I hope they give her a good storyline. Now that Burke’s gone, it won’t be the same. And with Addison gone too, at least Mark and Derek are rekindling their friendship. Meredith is still the same old Meredith. I just want to smack her in the head when she’s still doubting Derek though. Heck, just one look from McDreamy and I’ll take off and leave whatever it is I’m doing and stop the world right there. I still don’t like Callie but we all know she’s going to be there to stay because she’s good friends with Shonda so hopefully they’ll make her likeable. Dr. Bailey’s still the same – the Nazi’s back! Lexi Grey seems okay, so far. She seems likeable enough. I was prepared to hate her because of that bar scene with Derek but we’ll see. Overall, it was okay. Nothing monumental or earth shattering happened. LOVE Izzie’s lines/dialogue at the end about adjusting your expectations. And the VO in the beginning of the show – about change being inevitable? That’s what I’m going through – change. Isn’t it funny how art imitates life sometimes? I love Grey’s and songs and movies especially when they speak to me.

Ok, so I said I won’t be able to bloghop as much. But I will be blogging a lot about Grey’s. I will find the time. Just as I find the time to hold everything and schedule my life around Thursday nights. I ain’t no GreyMom for nothin’!

In the practice of medicine, change is inevitable.
New surgical techniques are created, procedures are updated, levels of expertise increase.
Innovation is everything, nothing remains the same for long.
We either adapt to change, or we get left behind.
Change we don’t like it, we fear it…but we cant stop it from coming, we either adapt to change or we get left behind.
And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying.
But here’s the truth, the more things change the more they stay the same.
And sometimes, oh sometimes change is good.
Sometimes change is everything.

~~~~Meredith Grey~~~~~~

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Changes in My Life

As seasons change, and so has my life:

I am preparing for something major in my life. Details of which, I cannot divulge. Like we say in the Philippines: “baka maudlot”. I don’t want to jinx it. That’s why I can’t be online as long as I wanted to, unlike before. I’ll miss my bloghopping days. But this is temporary.

FishermanHubs restricted my yard sale shopping. I had to reluctantly agree. We are downsizing so we have to make use of what he have.

I have houseguests coming from back home. They’ll be staying for months.

It’s getting colder. Fall is my most favorite season of all. The temperature’s just right for me. Summer’s too hot and humid, winter’s too cold and spring brings out my allergies. Fall is the showing off time for mother nature, the colors of the leaves in varying shades of orange, red and yellow is something to look forward to every year.

And with Fall comes —– TV season. Yup, Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 starts on Sept. 27 (Thursday). I am psyched. I have Thursdays to look forward to again. I get to see Izzie (who won the Emmy’s for best supporting. yay!), George (although I don’t want them to be together as lovers), Christina, Meredith, McSteamy, Dr. Bailey and McDreamy. My old friends. I’ll be there at Seattle Grace along with them. Call me the GreyMom – the number one GA fan!

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Bullying in School

My youngest son G just told me this morning on the way to school that he was bullied last year by a classmate of his. He was crying as he was telling me what transpired. He said a classmate of his was twisting his foot and as he was telling me that he was holding his foot. I got mad and told him: “and you’re telling me this now? why?” And he said: “because I forgot as soon as I got home”. He said he wasn’t able to tell the teacher because it was an assembly and they all had to remain quiet. After the anger came sympathy for him. My heart was breaking in pieces as I was looking at his tear-stricken face. Aren’t we supposed to shield our children from harm? Why can’t we be there for them when things like this happen? Why are there bad kids in this world? All of these things were going through my mind. Add to that the feeling of disdain and anger at the boy who did it to him. One can never explain nor put into words the emotions that a mother goes through every time her child gets hurt. Life can be tough sometimes and being a mother, you would think we’ve seen it all, experienced it all. But sometimes it gets to you. You try your best to provide a good and safe environment for your child but what’s out there – you can never guarantee. We try our best to arm our children with the necessary weapons – faith, hope, self-esteem, Taekwondo lessons and yet sometimes it’s just not enough. There will always be good and bad in everything, I know.

During times like this, mothers can’t help but feel like they failed in something. Did I forgot to tell them about bullying? Was he afraid of the kid more than he was afraid of me? Is he growing up with low self-esteem? Has he stopped believing in himself?

As soon as they get home from school we are having a talk again – about bullying, about believing in oneself, that telling doesn’t mean being wimpy and that the world is still okay. Even with the bad.

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A Conversation with my Boys


On the way to TaeKwon Do class yesterday, my kids and I had this interesting conversation:

C: Did you know J (his best friend) has been breaking up with his girlfriend for a long time now but gets back together with her again and again?
Me: Why is that?
C: Well, he breaks up with her and then she cries and then he feels sorry for her so he gets back together with her.
G: So he’s the one who’s dumping her?
C: yeah, pretty much.
Me: That’s not nice. And that’s not fair to the girl for him to stay with her just because he feels sorry for her.
G: Yeah, tell him to find another girlfriend.
C: Well, he likes E but I dunno how that’s going to work.

Okay, lest you think I am making a big deal about this, let me just say I did not expect this type of conversation with my kids. I’m all for being open with your kids about most everything that is age-appropriate. And being in this day and age – the YouTube generation where everything can be seen and heard, where everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. In the age of TMI – too much information, I cannot, of course be on a 24/7 watch (especially in school where there are other kids who are exposed to questionable behavior and language ) as to what my kids see and hear. As parents, we try to do the best that we can. But still, there are times when we are caught unawares by some of the things our kids say and do. In this case, although I have heard that most of C’s classmates have boyfriends and girlfriends, I did not realize that these things are taken “seriously” (for lack of a better word) by 6th graders. And G? I did not know that “dumping (a girlfriend)” was in his vocabulary. He is, after all, 9 years old.

It was an amusing conversation and yet a mild nudge on my part that hey, kids grow up. Whether we like it or not. And the best thing that we can do is to be there for them. To take the opportunity to find the lesson in each life’s events. To teach them the value of love, understanding and an open mind.

And that’s what kept me from freaking out.

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September 11

Where were you on Sept. 11?

This was a question that, until now, is being asked by people of each other. There are so many events that happened in my life that I can barely remember but this one is so clear in my mind. The sympathy and horror is still the same as it was on that fateful day.

I was cleaning the bathroom that day and my oldest son C was in preschool, FishermanHubs was at work and it was just me and youngest son G at home. I turned on the radio, something I do while cleaning up – listening to music while cleaning is my thing. Instead of music, the ramblings of a radio announcer wafted through the airwaves. Thinking that it was the hourly news report, I didn’t pay attention and proceeded to put cleanser on the tub. 30 minutes into scrubbing and still, Mr. Radio Announcer was still talking. Not wanting to change the radio station, I turned on the TV and saw the twin towers smoking. I slumped on the floor, rubber gloves in my hand and watched in horror as I heard the news – America is under attack. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about the many people trapped inside the building. They were someone else’s Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents. I wondered how many Filipinos were inside and I sobbed. My husband called me on the phone and told me the news, he just heard himself. “What do we do with C?”, I asked. “Better call the school and find out but I bet they’ll keep them there”. I wanted to run and pick up C there and then but I calmed down and called the school. Husband was right. They were indeed keeping the kids in school, on lockdown until it’s safe. “When do you think will it be safe?” I said. “We don’t know, Ma’am but rest assured that the kids are safe inside the schools”. I wanted to tell her: “but what about those people in those buildings? weren’t they supposed to be safe working in their offices that they’ve been working in day in and day out?” But I bit my tongue and thought she was affected as I am.

I kept G preoccupied with his Disney movie and I went back to watching the news. The Pentagon was hit, so close to home. Friends and neighbors related that they felt the boom and saw the smoke coming from the Pentagon, I didn’t bother to check. Traffic was a mess as people were scrambling to go home. I had goosebumps the whole time I was watching the whole attack. The images of the smoking building, of people jumping, of pedestrians all covered with white ash was so vivid even after the whole ordeal. I cursed whoever was responsible for the many lives of innocent people. And prayed for the people who left families behind.

America has never been the same. People have never been the same. We will never understand what kind of human being would plan and execute such horrific thing. As a result, our lives have been disrupted and we will never, ever be the same.

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Fam Pics – Potted


At the risk of breaking the record for being the last one to post the monthly themed picture at PMN, I am posting my contribution. Although it is nothing original – a plant in a pot, it is near and dear to my heart for the main reason that it’s a yard sale find. Yes, a plant in a really nice pot with humble beginnings. It was there on the driveway of one lady’s home who has holding a yard sale, looking all pathetic and pitiful. It looked like there was no hope for this plant that I even asked the lady: “do you think this plant’s going to survive?” To which she replied: “it’s a hardy plant. it’s hard to kill and all it needs is water”. I looked at the plant again and was reminded of Audrey, the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me” it seemed to say. The lady said: “I’ll take a dollar for that”. The pot itself looked really nice and would have been worth more than $1.00 so I bought it.

It’s been almost 3 months now and as you can see the plant has thrived. I poured all the water I can get. (My Mom said it’s a water plant) And slowly and surely, here it is.

Moral of the story: Take a chance on otherwise seemingly hopeless things. Everything and anything thrives on good old TLC.

Here are the pics from the PMN:

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A year older. And yet

We’ve all had it, a time when you wished you can take back the words that you said and the things that transpired just kept repeating over and over in your head. I had one of those days last week and it was a helluva day! I wanted to kick myself for saying some things I shouldn’t have and for not saying some things that I should have. Human nature keeps us from being perfect and there are times when we are even more human as days go by. More mistakes on top of mistakes and we are buried way deeper than we wanted. Like an ostrich burying his head on the sand, I felt shame and uncertainty. It went on for days as I wallowed in regret and self-pity.

Fast forward this week and I am okay again.

Looking back, I should be less impulsive and be more insightful. Getting a year older, that’s what I would have expected. But am I really wiser, more mature now that I am older? I don’t feel older, that’s for sure. I still gravitate towards “young” movies and tastes that were otherwise marketed towards the younger generation.

I wonder – when will my real age make sense? There was a show on Oprah last week that showed older women who said that they are more empowered and better after age 40. Should I wait until then?

I see fine lines, laugh lines and oh no! wrinkes on my face. I can’t lose weight as quickly, my metabolism is slowing down. I celebrated my birthday quietly – less noise makes for discretion. We celebrated it unconventionally – window shopping (although we did buy some Yankee candles). We ate at a buffet place – less waiting time for the food to be cooked and no need to make decisions as to what to order, just heap up your plate and go. In all, it was an ordinary day. I didn’t expect much, just a quiet time with the family.

Life is moving on slowly. I wish I can let it pass quickly and yet – another year older?

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First Day of School

First day of school – pretty hectic. The kids had to adjust sleeping and waking up early once again. They groaned and grumbled the night before and finally succumbed to sleep at 11:00 pm- way late, I know. They did manage to wake up at 6:30 am the next day and we had a nice breakfast-all of us. DH (who I will refer to from now on as FishermanHubs) was working late that day so he was able to sit down with us. We then scrambled to the front door and got ready to go to school. The school parking lot was jampacked with cars! Parents with video and digital cameras trying their best to catch their child’s first day in school. New backpacks, new clothes, new shoes. The kids were off! And as I saw the boys to the school, I was grinning from ear to ear. I am so ready!!! When we got home, FishermanHubs said: “I miss the kids, it’s way too quiet here.” I looked at him and said: “are you freaking kidding me? I love the quiet!” 😀

church.jpgpicture of a small country church in St. Mary, MD

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