Back to School Routine

And so goes a month of school and I slowly fell in a routine. At least I tried to. I’ve been back to the gym for 2 months now and I can finally appreciate the results. Thanks to my gym membership, I lost a dress size and would have probably lost more had TheFisherman and the Tweens decided not to try all the buffet places. But I somehow managed to stick to my 3 plate limit. Piled about 2 feet high. LOL, kidding!

Tween1 is now in middle school and I feel bad for him, waking up at 5 in the morning. I am just so glad that he fixes his own breakfast now and doesn’t wake his Dad up until it’s time for him to be driven to the bus stop. Yep, his Dad. Wise kid knows not to wake me up before 7am unless it’s an after Thanksgiving sale or a big yard sale. TheFisherman gets back to sleep and I wake up at 7:15 to rouse Tween2 from dreamland and prepare his breakfast. I drive him to school and my day officially starts. Which is around 8 am. I prepare TheFisherman’s lunch and when he leaves I do errands and housework. 

And so goes my daily ritual. 

Let me just say how happy I am to be back to exercising. The release of endorphins from the work-out is worth the monthly membership fee. And the fact that I fit into my clothes better makes me do happy dances. I was so happy, I even bought skinny jeans to celebrate! Never mind that I am not my ideal size and weight yet, I am celebrating today!

The Tweens are finally out of my hair during the day. My MIL is in FL for now and I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I even told my sister I can walk around the house naked now. To which she replied: “you wouldn’t dare!”. I said I wouldn’t but just the thought that I can do it if I want to is very liberating! Kind of reminds me of that “Friends” episode when Rachel did just that. 

I haven’t been baking much. Nor cooking for that matter. TheFisherman takes up the slack and does it himself. That or frozen pizza and take-out. But now that it’s getting colder, I will definitely get back to cooking and baking. And the smell of home will be back again in this household.

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