Colder days, awesome nights


It is getting colder again and I am happy. 

There is something about the cool breeze on my face,
the moon shining bright above
and the stillness of the night
that evokes nostalgia in me.
Good memories, mostly.
Memories of my youth,
of innocence
and simpler times. 

And so I wait
for the night time —
where I can go back
to what once was
and smile
as I remember. 



With the way I’ve been going on in my life, you would’ve thought I’m a part of the recent election’s campaign crew. I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I was finally able to catch my breath and opened my eyes to see the beauty of Fall. The colorful season my whole family loves. There are no pollen that turns out into pink eyed, sneezing monsters. There are no rain to dampen our spirits. And there is no black snow to make the landscape ugly like an abysmal blob of gray. Instead there are yellows and reds and oranges and greens. Leaves dancing in the wind and the picturesque landscape takes my breath away.

Stop and smell the flowers? I’m stopping to look at the leaves.




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