My Favorite Grey’s Anatomy MV

This is my favorite GA music video so far. The scenes are from Season 4. A very timely post since GA starts in 5 days. FIVE DAYS!!! I am so excited! Pushing Daisies starts on Oct. 1st and I can’t wait. Gotta love Fall for the returning shows!

I love this song- Broken by Lighthouse. For some reason, when I was feeling all down in the dumps, I listened to and watched this song on Youtube. You can say it helped me cope. I especially love this version:

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My Birthday Week

I just had my bday celebration. Not a party with guests and what-not but a celebration nonetheless. With people who matter in my life.
On my bday itself, I had breakfast with my MIL and TheFisherman. It was a nice break from the routine of dropping the kids off to school and the everyday mundane tasks. For dinner, I made my own chocolate cake and fresh noodles (for long life). I decided to make one my own this year, instead of waiting for somebody else to get me one.
And maybe that’s what makes this year different. Because I stopped expecting and just did what I wanted. Before, I would wait for whatever TheFisherman wants to do, for him to surprise me with a nice dinner someplace else. Not that I ever mentioned it to him, nor did I give him any clues that I
wanted to at least spend some time with the whole family in a different way. But at the back of my mind, I was secretly hoping.
This year, I decided to just go ahead and do it.
The next day, my gym buddy D asked me to come over to her house after gym, sweaty and all to check out her new granite countertop. And in the course of the conversation, she grilled some meat, tossed a salad and opened a bottle of wine. The meat was cooked perfectly – tender and tasty, the vinaigrette she did was made with vinegar she bought with her from her trip to France last month. It was really good with just the right amount of tanginess. We had rose’ wine to wash it all down and some capuccino afterwards. Such a relaxing day indeed.
The next day was the weekly walk with C, my other friend. It was such a long walk with a lot of wisdom, advices and venting. Just what we both needed.
The day after that, one of my close Aunts came over to have lunch with me at my home.
Friends and family called, texted, emailed and snail mailed me greetings.
I am so fortunate to be blessed with these people in my life.
Is this the light at the end of the storm? Who knows? Maybe it is. Or maybe it just made me realize that I am still loved and blessed.
Happy birthday to me.

image credits: No, I didn’t have this cake nor did I make one like this, not even close. But hey, I can dream, right? ; ) Read more about this awesome cake here:

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First Day of School

The first day of school was on Tuesday and to say that I was harassed that day would be an understatement. As we were in FL for Tween1’s locker night where they were given their lockers and locker combinations, Tween1 didn’t have a locker for the first day of school. Which meant he had to lug around all his school supplies in a paper bag. Which meant that he had to come to school early so that he can talk to someone who’ll give him his locker info. And since school starts real early for him this year – 7:40 am as opposed to 8:45 AM, he had to make it to school before 7:20 am. Which meant that he had to be driven to school before 7:00 am. Which meant that I had to wake up around 6:00 am. Which I never really do. I am not a morning person. Never was, never will be.

But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do and so he was driven to school only to be told that it’ll be done later. The poor kid had to carry all his school supplies in a paper bag and he came home with blisters on his fingers. So we had to go back again to the school and told them about the locker thing and they told us to do it the next day because it has to be done specifically on the 5th period.

So Tween1 finally got his locker the next day.

Tween2 on the other hand wasn’t able to go to his school open house because of the FL thing. And so he didn’t know where his room is located. And so after I dropped off Tween1, I had to go with Tween2, walk with him to his classroom and made sure he was okay.

Let’s not forget my MIL in this equation. She had to be taken to the dentist at 8:30 am as she had a toothache. At the same day my kids were starting school. And after an hour at the dentist, we had to go to Walmart to fill her prescription. And we had to wait for 2 hours because, as the pharmacy tech sternly informed me: “there are 100 hundred people before you”.

We got home just in time for me grab a quick lunch and went and picked up the kids.

Back to school, back to craziness.

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The outpouring of support has left me speechless. I am touched beyond words. Just when I thought life could not get any better, it did. I am still a little bit dazed and confused but the thought of knowing that there are people who care makes such a huge difference. Some of my closest friends have been very supportive and I  feel blessed to have them in my life.

I look forward to brighter days and know that things will be better. I am hoping this will be my last “dark cloud post”. And looking forward to reading my blogger friends’ blogs once again. One I really missed during my hiatus.

I look forward to Fall – my most favorite season of all. When the leaves turn a different hue and the picturesque surroundings leaving me speechless and in awe of nature’s creations.

I look forward to this schoolyear. Where the Tweens will once again leave me in peace, if only for the 6 hours that they’re in school. I will get to spend some alone time. Finally.

I look forward to possibilities. Endless possibilities of what I can be and what I can do. And try to be the best that I can be.  

I’m moving forward now.

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