Conversations with My 11 year old

Some snippets of our conversation:

On seeing me take my earrings off

Tween1: Why do girls wear earrings anyway?
Me: To make us look prettier
Tween1 (aghast): Why? That’s not right. That’s self-mutilation!
Me: Well, in tribes they even have those huge plates hanging from their mouth and rings on their necks.
Tween1: But still!

While driving on top of the hill and admiring the view:

Me: Oh look at that beautiful view?
Tween1: What’s beautiful about it? They cut down trees to build houses.
Me: Well the houses’ colors looks really nice.
Tween1: It would have been nicer if the only color is green – for all the trees.
Me: But still!



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PB&J Elvis Style

I saw this at Paula Deen’s show. Since I had all ingredients on hand and anticipating the arrival of my hungry sons ready to pounce on whatever after-school snacks there are, I hurried and made these.

Apparently, The King himself, Elvis Presley loves these Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with bananas. Now this is a good way for a Mom to sneak in some fruit in a snack. Covered with the gooey peanut butter and slathered with the jelly, the bananas are unrecognizable. The added effect of the bread toasted and covered in cinnamon sugar made it more appealing to the young eyes. It was a cinch to make but I had a slice myself and approved this recipe. Kid tested, mother approved indeed!

Recipe can be found here.



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