My Favorite Quote of the Week

“Turns out sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. The stakes are painful. They’re the only way to find out who you really are. I know who I am now. And I know what I want.” (from GA season 3 epi 3)

Here’s my take:
We all make mistakes especially in our youth and later on, it kind of defines who we are. We learn from our mistakes and hope against hope we don’t commit the same mistakes. People get hurt along the way. Sometimes not deliberately. Some people will never forgive us for our mistakes, as if they never committed mistakes in their lives themselves. But we go on with our lives and do the best that we can.
Not everyone gets second chances, sometimes they are branded for life. Some people never get back on their feet and buries themselves deeper in sorrow and anguish and depression. Others bounce right back, shrug it off and just do the best they can. I would like to believe I belong to the latter. I did encounter lots of trials and tribulations and I have managed to emerge a well rounded person (I hope). I think those mistakes that I made in my youth made me a better person. And I know what I want. I am older and wiser and I have learned a lot from my mistakes. I will continue to make mistakes but I will continue to learn and live.

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Disappointments Galore

I have been continually disappointed by people. People who I care about and who I thought cared about me. I try my best to reach out and yet my attempts have fallen on deaf ears. I have given up and am trying my best not to let it get to me but it does get to me at times. Thankfully, with some loss, I have some gained. Some long lost friends of mine have come back. The most recent one has been an old college roommate of mine. We lost touch after graduation but she and I have communicated once again, thanks to the internet. I am so glad for this.
I am forever thankful for my BFF, for always being there even without being there. Even when we do not keep in touch every day, we know that we will always be there for each other.
I guess I just have to focus on the most important people for they are the people that matter. I am thankful, like I said but there are times, there are days when it gets to me – being ignored.
This is one of those days…

I have been depressed again for a week now. So pardon my dark mood. I do hope too get back on my feet again. Maybe the next time I write, it wouldn’t be so dark and cloudy.

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