Spring Projects Galore

It has been a whirlwind of activity once again as we welcomed Spring. This is the time where people suddenly come out of hibernation, soak in the sun and do crazy things like jogging, take a sudden interest in gardening, and pretty much whacking every weed, bush and greenery they see in their yard. TheFisherman is no exception. He’s an avid gardener but Spring especially brings out the Outdoorsy type in him. He treks to the Home Depot and takes on projects quicker than you can say I-have-to-do-everything-this-Spring. The sunporch/sunroom roof has been fixed by the contractors, who after tasting our home cooked meal, suddenly didn’t want to leave. The 1 1/2 day project stretched out to 3 days and I scrambled to prepare their coffee, snacks, lunch and dinner. It was tiring but fun at the same time. For someone to appreciate my cooking was the best compliment. They particularly liked the biko -sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar. I made some for them to take home and they said they ate it with ice cream. After they have left, TheFisherman decided we needed to give the ceiling and floor a fresh coat of paint. Which we did one weekend.
It doesn’t stop there.
TheFisherman also plans to make a paved patio, flagstone the stoop, change all the bathroom fixtures and God knows what else. Oh and yes, he also just recently re-seeded the whole front yard. He bought a whole dump truck load of top soil which they dumped in the middle of the driveway and which we shoveled and wheelbarrowed for 3 days. My biceps and shoulder muscles were screaming! The neighbors were all slowing down as they passed by and saw this huge pile of dirt. The perplexing looks on their faces saying “what the?” One neighbor finally came up to me and asked: “what’s going on, Mary?” I managed to respond between shovelling : “we can’t afford a gym membership”. To which she laughed and left me grunting and sweating. I secretly wished this whole thing is going to be worth it. The image of me sipping iced tea in the front yard admiring my green green grass kept me going.
Right now the huge pile has been reduced to a field of dirt scattered with grass seeds and fertilizer which TheFisherman dutifuly waters every day.
Yesterday, he looked at me while watering the lawn and said: “so we’ll get the flagstone this weekend?”

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