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Just as I finished writing down my Fall post, Winter is slowly creeping up. The temperature dropped down like you wouldn’t believe. And the beauty of Fall was quick and fleeting. But another season is coming in and the old must make way for the new. Such is life.

The last few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy was very disappointing. I am so disappointed that I am seriously considering taking my GA license plate holder off my vehicle. I am that serious. Like a badge to be worn, or a ribbon to signify my support, my license plate holder represents just that. And I am slowly losing my faith. I have been very disgusted with the turn of events so far. I am however, giving it 2 more episodes. Let’s wait and see….

I am back to work. And I have been trying to find that balance again- between motherhood and career. The economy has been really really down and unfortunately we cannot afford for me to just stay home. I have to go out there and make some moolah. And I have been very very fortunate to have found a job that was near perfect. I am crossing my fingers this works.

I am not depressed anymore. Because of the job and the house and the juggling of all the chores, it has kept me off my toes and I have no time to dwell on negative things. And I’m glad.

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Thanksgiving and Things To Be Thankful For


Thanksgiving is a day when we look forward to a lot of things – vacation time, being with family and close friends, and pigging out on turkey , pumpkin pie and all the yummy stuff Thanksgiving is made of.

It is also the time when traffic is horrible, long lines at the grocery store, a lot of cooking and a lot of leftovers.

Time was when we didn’t prepare much for Thanksgiving. As long as we have either turkey or ham or both, sweet potato pie, cranberries and stuffing. we’re all good! But as time went by, Thanksgiving has “evolved” in my family. We serve both turkey and ham, TheFisherman prepares turkey like preparing for a tournament – he soaks it in brine for about 2 days, painstakingly mix a concoction of some sorts (herbs, spices and lots and lots of butter), then he bakes it for about 3-4 hours depending on the turkey’s weight. I, on the other hand, prepare the cranberries, the pies, the stuffing and everything else. Which, I am realizing just now is not fair! He prepares one thing while I take care of the rest. He does help out with a lot of things so I don’t mind.

Guests have been a toss between family, friends, and friends of friends. It has so far, been a lot of fun, a lot of work, and let me say it one more time – a lot of leftovers. No matter how much food I let our guests take home, we always end up having piles of containerful of food piled high in the fridge.

Did I say I overeat during these times too? Yup. Me feel real bad!

Amidst all the food, the company, and the sleepy feeling you get from the turkey, I would like to list some of the things/people I am thankful for:

1. My family – we have our ups and downs, our good and bad but we are and will always be together. We do almost everything together and even though the Tweens are at times retreating to their own little corner once in a while, they still want to do things with us. They call us when they need help, ask permission if they can eat candies or ice cream, shares with us things that happened in school, etc. I hope this will continue on until we are old and gray.

2.  Our home – in this turbulent time of economic downfall, we still have a roof over our heads. It has given us few problems – repair wise. The pipes haven’t burst, the basement haven’t been flooded, and a tree hasn’t fallen over our roof.

3. Our health – apart from my boys’ asthma, TheFisherman’s arthritis and my occassional migraines, we are in tip-top shape.

4. My job – yes, a job. I have been working for about 3 weeks now. And I am very thankful and feel that I am truly blessed to be able to snag a job in this tough time. (more about my job in another post)

5. My friends – I have been blessed with lifelong friends, new friends, and old friends. I am very lucky to be able to sustain friendships with people who I have known since childhood, friends I met a few years ago, and friends I just met. They touch my life in many ways and I am hoping I have touched their lives as well.

I have a lot to be thankful for and so even though I am not the type who does these things, I am doing it now. Not because I might forget but because I want to always remember.

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