Greenbucks Weekly Questions Meme

Due to unforseen circumstances I was not able to join TeacherJulie’s Weekly Greenbucks Question. Her questions were thought provoking which I really need to jump start my brain. 

And so, even though I am a few months late, I am joining. Because she’s a very good friend. And because I think this is a brilliant idea. 😉 If interested in joining, click here


1. If you are married would you know if your husband is reading your blog? If you are in a relationship, would you know if your partner is reading your blog?

I know for a fact that my husband is not reading my blog. One, because he’s too busy and the only time he uses the internet is for research, shopping and reading the news. Two, he doesn’t tease me about it nor does he use anything I write. Which, trust me, he would do if he is indeed reading my blog. Three, no one I know is aware that this blog exists. And I mean no one. 

2. Let’s say it IS possible to have that one chance to be another person for a day. Who would you        choose to be and why?

Hmmm, tough one. 

3. What were your favorite books as a child, specifically in your elementary school years?

The Elves and the Shoemaker and The Red Balloon. 

4. What valuable lessons have you learned from your father?

The value of hardwork, being careful with how I spend money and being patient.

5. What lies ahead for me and my family? Do we know where we are heading?

I don’t know what lies ahead. Nor are we shooting for something in our lives. But I would like to think that being content with what we have, being able to afford what we want and being healthy would be the realistic goals. 

6. Can you describe yourself as a friend? Or how do your friends describe you as a friend?

Friends describe me as empathetic. I can place myself in another’s shoes. They say I’m a good listener. And that I am a very loyal friend. I will stand by you until the end.

7. If we set aside an extra hour each day to do what we would rather do and not what we should be doing, what would you choose to do?


8. How would you like to spend your special day, your birthday?

A cruise! So I guess it would be about a week-long celebration! 


9. What are the five simple pleasures that give you, well, simple pleasures?

1. Family 2. Good friends 3. Good food 4. Good wine 

10. I want to know your thoughts about the little girl in this photo.

With all the perverts out there, little girls (and boys) should not be left alone. Especially with the way she’s clothed. Heck, I even accompany the Tweens to the rest room until now. Of course I stay outside of the door but I tell them (in a very loud voice) that I am just outside and I can hear everything. 

11. Should people heed the call of the Catholic Church to not use artificial means of contraception/reproductive health products and services OR should they go ahead, talk to their doctors and plan for how they want to practice family planning.?

I think people should have their own choice for family planning. 

12. If you were an Olympian, what sport would you be participating in?


13. If you were to decide what advocacy would you like to campaign for as an advocate or be involved in a foundation, what sector of the society would you like to serve?

I would campaign against the violence on women and children. 

14. What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

Wash face with a moisturizer, follow up with a toner and then a night cream. If my feet are really dry, I use tee tree oil for my feet and wrap ’em in socks. 

15. If you start a new blog focusing mainly on a particular topic or niche, what would your niche blogging be all about?

Cooking and baking. With maybe a special feature on making use of whatever is on hand. 

16. What makes you cry?

IMHO, the easiest question for me to answer. Because the answer is – anything. A song, a line in a movie or TV show, a commercial. My eyes are like automatic faucets triggered by a mere word, song or sight.


I have a long ways to go but I thought I’d start here. 

Like what they say: better late than never. 😉

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