Working Again

Starting a new job is really hard. Starting something new is intimidating, daunting, scary. And I felt all of those as I once again joined the workforce. Suddenly, I am the new girl. Except that I am older, in fact, one of the older
employees in a young, dynamic workplace. And I am the only one with kids. And so goes the challenge – trying to fit in in an unfamiliar territory. Where do I sit, is there some kind of unspoken rule as to who sits where? Will I be
stepping on other people’s toes if I do something? It’s hard.

They come to work in designer duds and Starbucks in hand. And I had to switch my wardrobe from stay-at-home-Mom comfy clothing to professional working woman attire. I am trying to blend in, fit in.

I feel like the new kid in school. Except that I am a grown woman and I am expected to know better. Which makes it doubly hard. Not to mention the traffic – driving to and from work, I was stuck in a traffic jam last week. For the first time in a long time, I felt so stressed out as I sat and fidgeted in my seat. I sat in there for a long time, I must’ve
memorized the whole Taylor Swift CD I had playing on.

The Tweens and TheFisherman had to get used to me not being around all the time. TheFisherman lamented that he cannot call me anytime he wants anymore. The Tweens had to call me with homework help and I had to tell them what to do over the phone on my lunch break. It tugged at my heartstrings, I have to admit. But I also had to toughen it up because we all talked about this and we decided that we all need for me to do this. And so we swallow it all down, this new set-up.

We’ll all get used to this, I know. It’s always the transition phase that’s challenging.  For now I am thankful that I have a job in these tough times. And that I found an almost perfect job and decided to go ahead and start all over again.

Wish me luck.

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New Year

I welcomed 2009 with a bottle of rum and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. Nope, I wasn’t channeling my inner Jack Sparrow (though I highly doubted Celine Dion will be his artist of choice), I was just going along for the ride. A friend wanted to drink after more than a year of no liquor (she was pregnant) and she wanted me to join her have a drink. How can I deny her of something she has been thirsting for a long time? A dried up well parched with nary a drop of liquid? Needless to say, I willingly joined her and we had a good time.

As for Celine Dion? We  had a game and I was forced to sing, the audience was forced to listen and I was forced to pose for the camera.

I feel differently about the song now.

Happy New Year!!!

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