Yard Sale!

At the crack of dawn on Saturdays, I force myself to get out of bed to get ready for the week’s main event during the Spring, Summer and Fall months – YARD/GARAGE Sales and Flea Markets! America’s favorite past time is mine too. I have been a yard sale enthusiast since we got here. Where else can you find a $10.00 coffee table, $0.25 books and knick knacks ranging from $0.10-$1.00?
For those of you who’ve never been to yard sales or flea markets, I highly recommend that you go. You will not believe the bargains! You can even find new stuff in mint condition and some new in packages for a fraction of the cost.
It all started when we were just starting out and needed stuff for the house. Being on a budget, I refused to spend more than we can and so I turned to yard/garage sales. I was hooked ever since. As a SAHM with 2 small kids then, it really helped a lot. I also had an eBay business and I bought stuff at yard sales and then sold them on eBay. Of course this was when eBay was just starting out – insertion fees and final value fees were low, not a lot of people were selling and buyers always paid for the items they won and left feedback for you. Now, forget about it! Unless you’re selling big ticket items, it is not worth your time, gas and mileage to list anything. But I digress. It did help me when we were just starting out and the kids were still small. Every Saturday, the whole family piles up in the car, 2 car seats in the back and loads of food and at least 3 kids cds (just in case they get bored or hungry, I came prepared 😉 ) and off we go to wherever the sales are. During that time, that was the big event. Our weekend getaway. The kids got used to being driven every Saturday morning and I was able to memorize more than 2 dozen children’s songs. We were able to fill up our house with finds and saved money in the process.
Now, the kids have grown (9 and almost 11 y/o) and they would rather stay at home with their video games. My house is filled with things but I still go anyways. I don’t know, there’s something about the hunt. The thrill of the find. Sometimes I stumble upon treasures – a rose tea pot, a bell for my collection, out of print books, hard to find CD’s, the list never ends. There will always be something that I will find. Like what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

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Order of Posts

To anyone reading my blog: you might have noticed that I have multiple entries in one day. These were taken from my journal and I am just putting it here in my blog. I don’t know how to fix the order of posts nor do I have any idea how to back date my entries. Please bear with me. The dates might be off but the sentiments remain the same.

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‘Cause You Gotta Have Faith

I just read this article in the Washingtonian Magazine about Arch Campbell. He’s a TV personality who mostly reviewed movies and was diagnosed with colon cancer. He shared some insights about life. Some of which you only realize in the face of death.

“Faith doesn’t have to be religious. It’s an interesting word. It can mean different things to different people. Faith can mean the power to get through the next two weeks. Faith can mean marking the halfway point. Faith can mean understanding that you have to accept what’s happened, however it turns out.” – Arch Campbell, Washingtonian magazine March 2007 issue.

Me, I have a lot of faith. And I agree, faith does not have to be religious. I am by no means a very religious person. Although I spent 12 years in a Catholic school where we pray every single time a teacher goes inside our classroom, a mass for every holy day, rosary here and there and so on and so forth I haven’t been going to mass as much as a true Catholic should. And I feel guilty about that. But that does not mean that I do not believe. It does not mean I have totally shunned my religion. As a matter of fact I have a lot more faith than I did when I was younger. I put all my trust in the Lord at all times. I know that He will never forsake me, the sinner that I am. I leave everything in His hands – all my life and all that I have. I have faith.

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I’m a Believer

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even the simplest things however miniscule and irrelevant at the moment leads up to something. This is also the premise of the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”. In the book, even a person you have never met in your life may be connected to you and is there for a reason. And I believe that.
I suddenly came to the realization though that while I say that I believe that everything happens for a reason, I am also very guilty of thinking about the “what ifs” in my life. And I just realized the irony of it. While I am believing in something, I have contradicted myself by doubting. Such is the complexities of life and we as humans are here to try and figure out what needs to be done, how to go about in our daily lives the best way we can and trying our best not to mess it up.
I don’t think I will stop wondering about the “what ifs” in life but I think it will be lesser now.

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Florida Beach

We went to Florida where my sister (and her family) is based and we went to the beach. Here are some pictures. dsc_0099.jpgdsc_0110.jpgdsc_0134.jpgdsc_0111.jpg

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Subic Sunset

These are pictures from our recent trip to the Philippines, December 2006. I took the picture myself and am pleased with the results. It looks like a postcard that I lifted elsewhere but trust me, it’s the real deal. 😉 dsc_0671.jpgdsc_0669.jpgdsc_0672.jpg

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Take your Child to Work Day

Yesterday was “Take your Child to work Day” and older son C went with his Dad to work. Younger son G wanted to go too but since DH(Dear Husband) can only take one kid at a time and C already beat him to it, G had to go to school 😦 .
I made sure C had stuff so he won’t get bored. He brought with him some books, his drawing pad, some colored pencils, crayons and drawing pencils. I also made sure he won’t get hungry so I packed him and his Dad loads of food and drinks. He’s going to be with his Dad for 8 hours and I didn’t want to take any chances. It went well, I guess. He didn’t call me until 3 pm to check how I am and to tell me he’s doing okay. He said he’s trying to help Dad do his work and have just been reading and eating. Between you and me though? I think he’s just glad to be out of school and it was such a good opportunity that he had to grab. C is a wise one, anything to get out of school is fine.
Of course there’s only about two months before school ends and summer starts. They don’t want to go to summer camp anymore and since I am not working anyway it wouldn’t make sense nor would it be practical to send them off to camp. They only go to day camp though. I can never bear the thought of sending them to the “real camp” where they sleep and do everything amongst fellow campers and camp counselors. One of my former co-workers said I should cut the ties and that I should let them go to one of those camps. I said, yeah maybe, when they’re 25 years old. LOL
Seriously though, I cannot bear the thought of them spending nights by themselves where they have no family. The thought scares the heck out of me. What with all the horror stories of neglect, abuse and such. Extreme, I know but I cannot help thinking about these things. I cannot even let them go to the public bathroom by themselves how can I let them be out of my sight for weeks?
It’s sad really where our society is now. The streets aren’t safe anymore and it doesn’t matter where you live, how affluent the neighborhood is and what country you are in, predators are everywhere. And so I would be fine to be called an over protective Mom as long as I know my kids are safe.

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smpimg20.jpgThe days are getting warmer and spring is in the air. Judging from the hordes of people in the gardening aisles of the stores and the easter decorations at CVS drugstores, spring is slowly creeping in. Of course we can feel it way before spring starts. Older son C will be sneezing, his eyes will be watery and he’s forever sniffling, DH starts sneezing too and me? I just had the most excruciating headache yesterday. Yup, spring allergies are here!
I hate spring for this reason. Even though it looks nice and pretty outside – flowers blooming, the trees green and leafy, birds are out singing, squirrels chasing each other and people out for a walk with their dogs (people without spring allergies, that is), do not be fooled. Because underneath the pretty flowers and green leafy trees are pollen, looking innocent but bursting with all the allergens in the world! During the spring season, we almost always stay indoors most of the time. The sneezing, itchy watery eyes isn’t worth the nice view and warmer weather. The only survivor in our family is G, my youngest son. He’s the only one without the spring allergies.
The thing is, we didn’t really have spring allergies before. We just developed it. The first one was C. We noticed it when he would be sneezing and one day he had bags under his eyes so big, you’d think somebody punched him (except it wasn’t black/blue). Then the sniffles came and the sneezing. He had to be medicated after that episode and sure enough, it never fails, it was the preview of things to come as he had the allergies from then on. DH followed suit with the sneezing too and the year after that, it was me.
The thing I hate about spring allergies is that my eyes are too itchy and watery I cannot even put on eyeliner (how vain!LOL). And without eyeliner I look like I just woke up with slits for eyes and puffy bags under my eyes. So during the spring, expect me to look sleepy all the time. People are already confused as it is as to my ethnicity. Some think I’m Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Spanish. Just a few would guess my real ethnicity.
Anyways, spring is here and allergies are back. And I hate it! Today it looks like it’s going to rain and it will be a relief if the water washes away the pollen, flushed away in the sea so that we’ll have relief. Even for a day or too.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love how it looks like out there-all the beautiful colors and the buds coming out signaling the beginning of a new life but what is the use if some people cannot enjoy it due to the allergies? I guess the best way is for us allergic people to just stay in the safe confines of our home as the rest of the world goes on.

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