It’s been a whole lot of fun – the beach vacation. We spent 4 days and 3 nights by the beach and we have the tan to prove it. The Fisherman had a great time fishing whenever he felt like it. He was rewarded with 25 pieces of blue fish that are now comfortably encased in gallon ziploc bags, waiting to be devoured by the family.
We went with another family which made it more fun and cost effective. We brought pre-cooked meals that we can just microwave whenever needed. I baked enough cupcakes, bread and pastries enough to food an army. Soda, juice and milk and some wine and beer washed ’em all down and we were content and happy. At least we didn’t have to think about what to cook for the next meal, nor did we spend time making them. Instead it was all a walk to the beach, the kids catching the waves and me and my Mommy friend soaking up the sun underneath a beach umbrella. The sand in our toes, me and my straw hat and a bottle of ice cold water. We took in the scene – young men and women parading in their bikinis and surf shorts, all tan and buff. My friend and I looked at them and reminisced about the days when we were just as fit and trim. Ahhh, youth.

Going back home, we were bombarded with the reality of life once again – SOLs, housework, office work and what-have-yous. We once again fell in the routine of our daily lives. And looked forward to another vacation in the distant future.

TheFisherman and I decided to forgo with our home improvement projects. We opted to build memories instead. And so yes, the money that would have gone to the projects will now go to vacations and spending time with the family. It’s a better investment that a beautiful patio or a flagstoned stoop.

School will be out for the Tweens in just a few days, June 12th to be exact. And they are counting down the days while I am still reeling from the fact that school lets out early this year.

The MIL’s visit has been postponed due to a health related cause. And now it looks like my BIL might come with her too.

Overall, it has been crazy in our household lately. I wish I can crunch more hours in a day. But for now I will survive. And brace myself for what is to come.

I might not be able to blog a lot, if at all, for a while. I will try my best. I miss “visiting” my blogger friends and reading about their lives and stories. I will do so one day once the craziness has died down. For now I will be on semi-hiatus. Hope y’all have a great summer!

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Off to the Beach

It’s the Memorial Day weekend- the unofficial start of summer and we are celebrating! We are off to the beach where we rented a quaint cottage. No internet, nothing fancy schmanzy, just good old summer fun. We will awake to the sounds of the waves and soak in the sun. TheFisherman will be so happy again and the boys will build sandcastles or sand sculptures or whatever it is they can mold with their hands. I will be along the sidelines, taking in the scene, book in hand and getting a tan.

For a while we will forget the home improvement projects, the Verizon people who digged and bore holes in our front yard. Yes, the same front yard we painstakingly tried to revive by dumping with a truckful of dirt. Where we spent about 5 weeknights shovelling and dumping and leveling everything off. The front yard that delivered – as evidenced by the green soft grass that finally grew and thrived. The green green grass that TheFisherman coveted for a long time now. The same spot the Verizon people decided they will bore holes in and install wires under.

But we will forget about that.

For now the truck is packed with the fishing gear and a 3 days worth of clothes and food. We will savor this vacation as much as we can.

Hope you all have a great weekend as well!


picture is of a cross stitch piece I made. It says:

Remember summer at the beach
feeding gulls just out of reach
clouds of animals drifting by
changing places in the sky
It borders on a shameful crime
to leave our childhood summertime

~~~~D. Morgan~~~~~

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Dining with The Fishies

There was this restaurant in Saint Augustine we accidentally discovered. The original place we were going to only took cash and at that time we didn’t have enough and the nearest ATM was about 5 miles away. It wasn’t that far but we were hungry and it was hot! So on to plan B – we consulted the GPS (global positioning system) where you can pick out food, shopping, places of interest as well as the addresses and phone numbers of establishments. Don’t you love modern technology? Anyways, we chose seafood and came up with a long list until we finally settled on one – Santa Maria
It looked promising – it was located in the middle of the water, constructed of wood and there were parking spots available (yipee!). Having 4 kids in tow – 11, 9, 2 and 3 months old, we decided that this was the place. There was a boardwalk
to go to the restaurant and on it was this sign:


sounds good! so on we marched and settled on a spot by the window overlooking the water. The waitress gave us 2 basket-full of bread to feed the fish. There was a tiny slot on the side of the window that you open and where you can drop in the bread. As soon as a crumb fell in the water, this is what came:

For some reason, I found ’em creepy, scary and gross. I mean, the fish were humongous! It’s as big as my niece’s thigh! And that is no big fish story! Needless to say, the kids enjoyed themselves and we settled in to order – I had the crab, DH had the catch of the day – blackened mahi mahi, my sister had cashew crusted fish, my BIL had crab burger, C had fish and chips and G had fried mahi mahi. The omnipresent sweet tea washed it down and my sister and I shared the silk velvet – a creamy chocolate cheesecake pie topped with whipped cream. It was so good, it was sinful, I gained 5 lbs just looking at it. After the meal, we fed the fish some more. Or at least they did. I never looked at the fish again. We left and walked off the calories at the nearby old town of St. Augustine in 90 degree heat. We loved the food and ambience at the restaurant though and vowed to come back. The servers were helpful and the prices reasonable. So whatever disappointment we had for not going to the original destination turned out for the better. Like they say: “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”

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Back to Life, Back to Reality


So we’re back from an almost a month’s vacation in sunshine state Florida. It was fun-filled and the kids had  a blast, they didn’t want to leave. But some good things must come to an end and so here we are – back home in Virginia. School starts in a week and the kids aren’t happy about that. Especially my 6th grader who already has homework. Can you believe it? While I am all for getting a jumpstart on the schoolyear, it would have been nicer if schoolwork started on the first week of school and not while you are relishing the last few days of summer vacation. But oh well, maybe it’s just me.

We went to almost all the bodies of water in FL – ocean, river, lake, estuary, pool – you name it! We are so dark and I am loving it! For a change we don’t look like anemic humans! I am basking in the glory of having a tan for even though I am Asian I am a little on the fair side. And living in Virginia doesn’t help either. The cold winters and staying indoors doesn’t appeal to me at this point. Being bundled up while it’s freezing outside and suffering all the cold and harsh weather gives my skin a beating. What am I talking about? It’s still summer, or what’s left of it, I should enjoy it!

Anyways, while we were in FL and DH was left in VA, he constantly called me especially when bills came in and when it’s time to eat. “What do I eat? Pls give me an idea.” I fought the urge to laugh maniacally and tried on my best supportive wife voice which could have earned me a Grammy. “What do you have in the fridge?” I hear the fridge door open and an audible sigh “leftovers” he said. “Well if you’re so tired of it, why don’t you just eat out or something? It would make more sense to eat out instead of do all the work for one person”. “You’re right. I guess I’ll just go to KFC”. So it went, KFC one day, Pho the next day, chinese buffet the other, and so on and so forth. Until the day he discovered TV dinners. He called me one day so excited about the newest Stouffers Chicken meal. “It’s really good! We should try this sometime!”. I swear, my husband is so spoiled with home cooked meals that the fact of not cooking it himself and just opening the box and nuking it makes it taste good. In fairness though, those TV dinners ARE good.

I knew that the boys were missing their Dad so much when my 11 yr old said: “I miss Dad so much, I even miss his annoying country music he plays on the radio”. To which my 9 yr old exclaimed : “yeah”. Guess absence does makes the heart grow fonder.

When our FL vacation was coming to an end I couldn’t wait to finally sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen, walk in my own floors, do the laundry in my own washer and water my ever thirsty plants. Opening the door to my own house after a 3 week absence, the familiar scent of my own house was what I was hoping for. But when I opened and inhaled I smelled – polyurethane? I forgot that DH waxed and finished the hardwood floors, a task we’ve been putting off. The floors looked gorgeous which made up for my disappointment of not being able to “smell” home. The house looked nice and neat and I am just so glad to be home.

special thanks to  for the image.

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Scenes from a Florida Vacation

St. Augustine, FL – the oldest city in the US
A tree we saw by the road. Love the spanish moss!
Boats at St. Augustine
At the lake
A fishing scene
A circle of slippers at the beach
Jacksonville beach
At the beach

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Still Away

Our vacation is coming to a close. Will write more as soon as I get home. Suffice it to say that we are having a blast and I thank all the people who left comments and visited my site.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Away and Out of Love

It’s been less than a week but already, DH and I logged on more clock hours than a regular workweek. Talking on the phone, that is. Thank God for free mobile-to-mobile minutes, we can talk on the phone anytime we want.

The kids are missing him terribly. And so am I. This is the first time ever that we’ve been apart this long and it’s been lonely. Sure the babies are keeping us occupied and we love spending quality time with my sister and her family but we miss DH a lot! It just isn’t the same without him.

My oldest son, who’s the more sensitive one told me while we were waiting at the airport: “I miss Dad already”. To which I said: “but it hasn’t been 10 minutes since he dropped us off”. He just gave me a sad face. I turned away because I was getting choked up. No use trying to be emotional in front of the kids or it’ll be a crying fest right there and then.
And then today, my youngest son was eating Hershey’s kisses and one of the paper things had an “I miss you” written on it to which he exclaimed: “we should send this to Daddy”. My older son then gave his to his brother. It read: “cheer up”.

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Florida Beach

We went to Florida where my sister (and her family) is based and we went to the beach. Here are some pictures. dsc_0099.jpgdsc_0110.jpgdsc_0134.jpgdsc_0111.jpg

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