You’re Beautiful 

People have always compared me and my sister. Born a year apart, my mom would dress us in the exact same clothes, confusing people into thinking we were twins. Until the day when people “branded” us. She’s the pretty one and I was the smart one. Some would look at us and say to my sister: “oh you’ve grown up so beautifully” and then turns to me and says “don’t worry, you’re the smart one”. I felt like I was the consolation prize. 

Up to this day, we are still being compared. Especially since she has the boobs, pretty and younger looking and I am shorter, flat-chested and plain looking. And now that she has moved in with us, people are still making observations about how we look alike but so different. She’s the better version, the latest model and I am last year’s fashion. 

My husband, bless his heart, insists that I am beautiful. I want to believe him, I do. But it is so hard since the day we were together and people were wondering why he picked me. My own mother even made a remark: “oh he likes her because he found out she has a crush on him”. And because of that, I made a vow to make the relationship work. Because I wanted to prove her wrong. 

Add to this, I gained weight recently due to a new medication I am taking. So now I am not only plain, shorter and flat-chested, I am also fat. 

Forgive my rant – I am suffering from very low self-esteem. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  

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  1. Loved it!x

    • Thank you, littledarlingwrites.

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