Grey’s Anatomy epi413 – Piece of my Heart

They always use the medical aspect of the show for metaphors on what’s going on in their lives. And though it might not be cryptic as Lost where even the minute details count (as I picked up from listening on the radio and reading about it in the papers), with Grey’s all you do is read between the lines. Dig deeper. And look deep in your heart about what speaks to whom.

WARNING : SPOILERISH CONTENTS, Pls don’t read unless you want to know what happened in this epi

In this episode, I love that Addison is back. And how I miss her so. It’s good that she has her own spin-off and all but she will forever be Addison to most of us. The beyotch who got between MerDer. She with the Catherine Deneuve beauty. The redhead who walks around SGH and still look great when others look exhausted. She who tells it like it is. And she who McDreamy married. That says something. But I digress. Addison was back in this epi because she said: “I just wanted to make sure that it was okay to leave”. We got a chance to see SGH in Addison’s point of view – the Vagina monologues with Hahn and Callie, Bailey’s sadness and the reason for it which she only divulged to Addison, Hahn’s treatment of Christina, the un-couple that is MerDer. And since she didn’t have anything to lose as she was leaving, she called it when she saw it. She told it like it is and went Dr. Phil on Meredith. It’s funny how last week I was neutral on Alex and Izzie as their characters didn’t do much last week. But on this epi, we were able to get a glimpse as to what their characters are going through and the changes that go along with it. Izzie is finally stepping out and finding her voice. She is still the emotional surgeon with excellent bedside manners but she is clearer now. Who knew it would take Ghandi to take her out of the shadows? Alex is one complex character we never got a real grip on. We never fully understand what makes him surly and an a**hole at times and sweet and caring the next. All we know is that there was something in his past that made him what he is. I have a feeling we will find out more about him in the soming epis Bailey, who must keep it together when she’s dying deep inside. All in all, this epi was pretty much like the old Grey’s that we loved. I think the writer’s strike helped in that the producers and the other writers listened to what the viewers are seeing, what they want, what they believe in. And I think they even read those fan fics too and have gotten some ideas. It’ll be interesting what happens next…

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  1. hi, thank you for dropping by and the get well wishes.
    i think it was brilliant of grey’s to get adisson to visit. with the ‘rose’ fling i finf myself liking Addison and loving her presence at sgh. her visit to sgh is like resetting the computer when it freezes or acts up. unfortunately that episode did not smoothly connect to last week’s.

    here are my q’s about last week’s epi:
    don’t you think hahn and yang shld have made up before bringing in the ghost of yang’s ex bf? i forgot his name.
    why wasn’t callie completely truthful to hahn? Is Hahn straight or not?
    as for derek and meredith- sus! bakit hindi pa rin sila nagkaayusan?

  2. Hi Jeannie,
    Addison’s presence was indeed a welcome distraction. And I agree, they somehow feel like they’re not connected to the past epi.
    Yes. I believe they should have at least shown some form of a moving forward of Yang and Hahn’s relationship (which I think doesn’t still justify why Hahn doesn’t like Christina) but I think it was crucial to show Yang finally coming out of the shadows and stepping up and doing that speech of hers infront of the Chief. It had to be about Burke that would make her stand up and realize. Had it not been for Burke’s “appearance” (since it was just on paper), the impact would not have been as powerful for her to make that realization.
    I think they are teasing the viewers with the whole Hahn and Callie angle. More viewership, controversial angle, daring to go further and all that. All in the name of making you want to tune in for the next episode.
    I am getting tired of MerDer too. Enough already!

    OMG, I soooo need a life! LOL

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