New Look

Thanks to all those who greeted me on my 1st blogversary. It is comments from people all over the globe that makes us feel connected and appreciated. In fact I can open up a lot in my blog and vent to my heart’s content knowing that somewhere someone out there must be going through the same stuff I am. That makes it bearable and that makes blogging worthwhile.

That said, how do y’all like my new look? I thought that after a year, it was time to shed my old skin and don a new one. Of course I haven’t gotten round to tweaking it yet as I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Tween2 has been sick for almost a week now and his Pediatrician did some tests, the results of which we are still awaiting. For now he stays here at home with me, watching TV and resting. Poor kid has bags under his eyes like a journalist on a deadline. It is for this reason that we weren’t able to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I could have gotten lots and lots of pictures of pretty flowers and picturesque scenes. Instead, we are at home. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

We are also having some work done in the sunroom/sun porch. And what was supposedly a 1 1/2 days work turned out to be 3 days. So 1 sick kid + 1 contractor + 2 workers = Mom’s messed up routine. Note how I did manage to sneak up some blogging time though (wink wink).

And so once again, thanks to all those who greeted me. Here’s to another year.

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  1. Hello GreyMom, congratulations on one year of blogging! Isn’t blogworld an awesome community? It is good especially for us SAHM’s.

    God Bless-

  2. Thanks Jeannie! Blogworld is indeed an awesome community that keeps us SAHM’s sane. 😀 I’m so glad to have found such an avenue for my thoughts. And gained new friends in the process. What a good deal!

  3. Hi Mary. I read your reply to my comment in the earlier post and I’m flattered by what you said. Thank you.

    I hope that Tween2 have recovered well.

    Hope your sun porch will turn out perfect. Take care.

  4. Hi Rach,
    It’s true what I said and you better believe it. LOL
    Tween2 is doing better, thanks. The sun porch is still not done. Will post pics as soon as everything’s picture worthy. 😉

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