TLC’s The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom


There’s this new show on TLC entitled “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom“. The premise of the show is that a Mom goes off for one week. Her family thinks she’s off to a spa getaway but the truth is that she’s on a one week soul searching journey. Reliving what she used to be or trying out what she’s always wanted to do. At the end of the week, she gets to decide whether to pursue a career or stay at home. I watched this episode where a former award- winning chef had to give up her career to care for her 2 toddlers and stay at home with the kids. I can totally relate. Of course I’m no award-winning chef but I did give up my career to stay at home and take care of my kids and husband. And seeing the woman be in her element in the kitchen was really something. She even said: “this is the best right here, just me with my spoon. I’m happy”.

It made me think of me. Of what I could have been and what I could become. There are restrictions now that I have kids. Daycare expenses, the thought of leaving the kids to strangers and letting them raise your kids does not appeal to me. So we make sacrifices. For the sake of the kids. For the sake of our marriage. For the sake of our husbands. And sometimes we get lost in the process. Who am I now? What have I become? And we lose the self-confidence, the self-esteem, the feeling of self-worth. Can I still do it? Will I be able to deliver?

Now I know that the TV producers just might have thought of this show as another way to make money and capitalizing on the reality-based shows’ successes. But it still made an impact and was thought provoking enough for me to write about it here in my blog. It made me pause and ponder.

I have yet to watch another episode. Once was enough to have made an impact.

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  1. hmm, sounds interesting and better than Desperate Housewives 🙂

    dont tell me, pagpapalit mo na Grey’s Anatomy dito. mortal sin yan. heehee.

  2. hollaaaaa visiting u here.

  3. Feng, Nevah! I will never replace GA! 😀 I just watched one episode and that’s enough for me. Ayokong ma addict na naman. hehehe
    It really is interesting. Hope you get to watch an episode.

  4. Hi Avee, Thanks for the visit! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  5. Hi there! That sounds like an interesting show to watch. I’d definitely welcome an opportunity to go off on a week-long trip all by myself! I’ve been toying with that idea for so long now, it’s starting to become more of a fantasy, something I can never do. Even on my declared day-offs, I can’t stop myself from calling my boys and asking how they’re doing (and feeling bad and strange inside when I hear that they’re enjoying themselves :() I am a happy SAHM, but why do I keep wishing I can go back to work, and be more “productive”?

  6. Hi Mary. Sounds like an interesting TV series. Something worth checking out.

  7. Hi IA, A week-long trip sounds too good to be true. In fact before I wanted one day to myself as a bday gift. But I felt so guilty so I never did it.
    I hear you about being a happy SAHM but wishing about going back to work and being productive. I think most SAHMs feel the same way.

  8. Hi Rach,
    It is really interesting and what a great concept. One that I know a lot of women secretly wished for in a long long time – to live the dream, if only for a week.
    Hope you get to watch it.

  9. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your comments in my blog. I have alot of catching up to do. I saw this show featured in M and J. Sounds very interesting specially that I’m in the same boat. But you know I look at my daughter now and I have no regrets that I became a SAHM. No one can take away the years that I have spent watching her grow.

    I’ll come back to read your blog once I’ve gotten over my jetlag.

  10. i can relate, too! i enjoyed my life being single in bangkok and working in a hotel with all the night life available — but i didnt hesitate to say goodbye when it’s time to start a family. am still enjoying it.

  11. oops, kengkay is ragold, too!

  12. Hi Tina,
    Welcome back. No worries, glad you’re back safe and sound. 😉

  13. Hi Kengkay/Raq,
    Especially when you look at your beautiful kids. Mana sa Mommy! 😉

  14. I am another happy to be SAHM! I left my first child for the first four years of his life in daycare and hated it! My second child–two years of her life. Now, with the third, I am able to stay home. There are times when I miss teaching a bit, but the feeling of wealth I get from staying at home far out weighs the feelings of missing teaching.

    I know every mom is different and thank God for that. I wish all moms great success whether they choose to pursue a career or stay at home!

  15. Amen to that Sherrie!

  16. Hmmmm…matanong nga ito sa suki ko, hehe. All I ever watch are those weird stuff like Chuck or Dexter or Monk 😀

    I really would like to go back to my semi-SAHM state (just worked with students referred to me at my MIL’s house where I have a small room, 8-10 minutes away). But I know I would miss learning new things from my colleagues who give me fresh insights. Fresh talaga since they were born the year I graduated from HS. For real. Hmph,I feel ancient at times, and young sometimes too.

    Maybe because I can bring the kids with me (for now that the two younger ones are still young) when I go to work so I feel there’s no need to go full-time SAHM.

  17. Hi Julie,
    You are so lucky that you get to have the best of both worlds.
    And amen to that, I feel ancient and young at different times too.

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