A Year of Blogging

angelcake.jpgmy very first attempt at an angel cake to celebrate my first year of blogging

I just saw from my registration here at WordPress that I recently celebrated my one year anniversary. And even though I do have posts from way back, they were basically lifted from my jurassic era (read: paper-and-pen journal). I’ve been writing and been uploading pics and receiving awards and making friends and I am very grateful. But I am still a newbie. I have yet to figure out a lot of things:

  1. How do I protect my pictures? Sometimes I don’t upload pics to my posts for fear of being snatched away by pic      thieves. And can you say privacy issues? I don’t want images of my sons in some wireless phone ad just like what happened here.  
  2. How do I do the widget thingy on the right side showing the award I got and in the process thanking the people who gave me the awards? I did it with the Rockin’ Blogger things but has since forgotten. Which makes me feel incredibly incompetent.
  3. How do I do the RSS feeds? I still manually go to the blogs on my blogroll my clicking on their site.
  4. How can I enlarge my fonts? I squint whenever I read my posts.

Can you say techie challenged?

I am very grateful for what blogging has done for me. I have met new blogger friends and have made connections. I have shared my stories as they have theirs and I shared some emotions I haven’t dared share with my relatives and friends. Special mention goes to Pinoy Moms Network where I met awesome Pinoy Moms from all over the world. You all rock!

And so goes a year of blogging. Here’s to another year. And another. And another.

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  1. Happy 1st year anniversary to your blog Mary! May you have more years in blogging 🙂

    I stop posting photos of my kids too. Even in my flickr account, I used to limit access to family and friends but few months ago, deleted all of them. I just email family and relatives the photos instead 🙂

  2. BTW, that’s a yummy-looking angel cake!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to more posts and hopefully, better techie awareness. Pareho lang tayo ng problema 😀

    BTW, pareho din tayo ng anniversary..so cheers to both of us..hehehe 🙂

  4. Thanks Maps! You can’t help but be paranoid about pictures we post online. That’s why I content myself with nature and inanimate objects.
    The cake turned out okay, thanks! 🙂

    Hi Cookie, I’m sharing the cake with you then. Which means I get to eat more. LOL 😀 Happy Anniv to you too!

  5. happy happy blogging anniversary Mary!

    so ano, pwede na ba kong maki kain ng yummy cake na yan? sana may wine na kasama. heehee.

    your concerns and issues on blogging are mine likewise. heehee, yan ang dilemma sa mga not so techie people like us. 🙂 though for #3, I’d recommend Google Reader. it makes bloghopping a breeze, no need to manually go through your bookmarked pages one by one to read updates.

  6. Thanks Feng! Of course, the cake is for everyone! Sige, we’ll look into my wine cabinet too. 😉

    I have managed to RSS some people and you were the very first one actually. 😉 Tried the google reader but can’t figure it out either. Techie challenged talaga!

  7. Cheers! Happy One Rear Bloggiversary! Wishing you more fun years of blogging 🙂

    I am slightly technically challenged also, kaya nasa Blogger pa ako instead of moving to WordPress 🙂

  8. Happy Anniversary Mary 🙂

    I try not to delve into the complexities of blogging. Maybe because there’s hubby who helps me out or else…

    Thanks for the cake, now I’m craving for a slice and I think we still have some of that fruit salad left in the fridge 😦

  9. Thanks Liza! Nice to know I’m not alone. 😉
    Ganun? Mas mahirap pala ang wordpress? I didn’t even know that.

  10. Hi Julie,
    Thanks. Good for you that you have dear hubby around to deal with the boring stuff. LOL
    Glad to have shared the cake. Otherwise I could have eaten the whole thing by myself. 😉

  11. Happy anniversary! That cake looks yummy!!!

    Maybe we tech-challenged people should get-together and have a crash course on the technicalities of blogging! Hey, I can’t even figure out how to put a smiley on my comments! Oh well, our kids are growing up fast, pretty soon they will figure these out and hopefully have time to teach us…

  12. Happy Blog Anniversary Mary! May you have many more wonderful and exciting blogging years ahead.

    I protect my photos by adding a text (my blog address) but I guess it’s not really enough to protect it from would be abusers.

    I can do some tinkering on my Blogger account but I’m so clueless when it comes to WordPress.

  13. Hi IA,
    The cake was yummy! I was so happy it turned out okay.
    So true about getting together and having a crash course on the tech stuff. For now, we’ll make do with writing and winging it. 😉

  14. Thanks Rach! You’re one of my idol bloggers. 😉
    And yes, it’s true, some things are just not good enough to protect us from would be abusers and predators. So sometimes I’d rather not post an image. Or maybe I’m being too paranoid. 😦

  15. happy anniversary greymom! because of this anniversary blog of yours, i decided to restrict my blog and open only to invited readers. would that protect the photos i post? :-s

  16. PS: i have decided to open my blogsite only to invited readers. is it okay if i added your link to my link list?is it okay if i ask for your email address so i can add you to my invited readers?you can email it to anne1004@lycos.com, the’safe’ email im using. thank you!

  17. congrat on your anniv and the cake! i loooove your new look! cheers!

  18. Hi Anne,
    Sorry if I made you too freaked out. But yes, I think that if you restrict your readers to invitees then that would protect your photos.
    I emailed you privately. Thanks for including me in your list. It is much appreciated!

  19. Thanks Anne! I love the new look too but haven’t the time to tweak it yet.

  20. Hi Mary, Happy Blog Anniversary. Congrats. Cheers to more blogging years! I’m really enjoying reading your posts. Someday I hope we get to meet in person. Am a newbie just like you, a techie-challenged too. So grateful to Rachel and Julie for helping me on my blog. And of course to my kiddo Nicole, who knows so much when it comes to the computer stuff.

  21. Hi Wenchie,
    Thank you, thank you. And yes, one day we will meet in person.

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