I finally watched “Enchanted“! The DVD came out on Tuesday and while I had been waiting with bated breath (along with 27 Dresses which have yet to be released on DVD), I totally forgot. The boys being on Spring Break and TheFisherman having to cover for one of his co-workers, ergo a new work schedule, my schedule has been totally off track. It threw off my routine completely. Thank God it’s only for a week. I can not stand one more week of this madness!

Anyways, back to my McDreamy, who in this case plays the part of Robert, a divorce lawyer. Amy Adams is such a delight in this show. This role is tailor-cut for her and she really played the part of a Disney princess really well! Susan Sarandon is deliciously wicked as the evil stepmother. And the incorporation of real world and animation was fascinating! Such good, clean fun this movie. I even sat and watched through all the bonus features – bloopers, deleted scenes and the technical stuff. And at the risk of sounding like an old person, they don’t make this kind of movies anymore. Well, there’s High School Musical which had no sex, profanity nor toilet humor but that was for the tween group. Enchanted will be more of the adults-who-still-believe-in-happy-endings group, one where I belong.

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  1. […] for one, she’s very well-read. Yes, she’s reading our Fart Party in that photo.www.atomicbooks.comEnchanted ? I finally watched ???Enchanted???! The DVD came out on Tuesday and while I had been waiting with […]

  2. I love Enchanted as well. saw it nga sa net ads these days. am tempted to buy tuloy.

    pero di bale, dami naman pirated dito, baka pag tyagaan ko na lang yun. but then again, iba pa din ang original. 😉

  3. Hi Feng! Buti dyan you can buy ’em cheap. Dito $20.00 na din ang DVD. 😦

  4. am happy enough to have finally watched a movie in pinas after more than 6 years of not watching one. alam mo kung ano? my boyfriend’s girlfriend with richard gutierrez, hahahaha

  5. what do you think of mcdreamy’s kiss with that nurse at greys…annoying!!!!!!! i hate her!!!! LOL . I really think meredith should move on and i hope they bring brad pitt or george clooney in for her. sino pa kaya pwede nating ipartner kay meredith. gusto ko big time!!!!

    will watch enchanted soon

  6. hi there got a tag for you

  7. Hi Raq! OMG 6 years? I’m so glad you finally got the chance then. LOL 😀

    Hi Jeannie! I didn’t like it one bit either! They call the nurse McThorny (because her name’s Rose, with the thorns). She’s really a thorn in the MerDer drama. Oh but Shonda promised that there’ll be good news for MerDer fans. Of course this probably would come after all the heart ache and tears. A few more weeks and we’ll see.
    Watch Enchanted! Bilis!

    Hi Avee! Thanks for the tag.

  8. Oh I love this movie! We just bought the DVD 🙂

  9. Hi Liza!
    It’s really a good movie. I love it too!

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