Two Weeks

So we were down for the count after having been struck with yet another virus. And once again, I was the hardest hit. Having suffered a “double whammy” as my Doctor said. I’ve been to the Doctor’s office every month for the past 3 months and am bracing for this month. I do hope not. I did lose 10 lbs from the whole deal and have been careful with my rice intake. My sons are okay except that it is nearly Spring and we have to stock up on antihistamine meds in preparation.

TheFisherman insists Spring is right around the corner. He said he’s been seeing robins everywhere. Tween1 says his allergies are acting up and Tween2 just shrugs and continues on with playing. Me? I am excited about garage sales and flea markets. I anticipate the Spring cleaning and am itching to purge stuff as well. I have given away most of my skinny clothes. Not because I have given up on getting thin but because it’s cathartic to get rid of stuff that are otherwise crowding my closet. I can easily buy more clothes once garage sale season is here.

We had to miss one party last week. Which is just as well. It’s been 4 weeks in a row with the same people and I am packing up the pounds with all the pot luck parties. I am however, looking forward to camping and fishing and being out in the sun. I think I’ll even get a tan. One of those golden tans that glisten in the sun. I’ve always been envious of sun kissed tans. Being on the fair side, I only get red and not tan. I think tan people look healthy and glowing and sexy. There are a lot of products out there but I am hesitant to try lest I look orange and not tan.

Apologies to my blogger friends. I haven’t been visiting much lately. I am still recuperating and have been offline for the past 2 weeks. Life goes on though and I have been busy with mommy and wifey chores. Promise to visit y’all soon!

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  2. Camping and fishing sound more fun than parties hehhe. Hope all is well, Mary!

  3. Camping and fishing, that definitely are wonderful activities to do than going to parties. Mary, have you considered living in another state where there is eternal sunshine? Wala lang po, just in case you might avoid those allergies. My homeschooling son Julian has an Achievement Test today from the DepEd and good thing it was canceled (there’s transport strike) because he was wheezing with asthma since Saturday.

  4. hi Mary! how’s everything? hope you recover pretty soon.

  5. Hi Maps, I agree! Fishing and camping are way more fun than the parties. We’re doing okay, have been better but will take being okay for now. 😉

    Hi Julie,
    We did consider moving to sunny FL for so many times now. We have tried about 3 times to buy a house there but it just wasn’t the right time. We’ll see.
    Aaaw, poor Julian. I do hope he gets better soon. Tween1 has asthma and it aint no picnic, I know!

    Hi Feng,
    I’m getting there, thanks for asking. I refuse to get sick now! LOL 😀

  6. i had a good laugh at getting golden tan and not orange cute.

    my color is tan and how i wish i get a fairer skin. haay…that’s just how we humans are. hehe

    hope that nasty virus leaves soon enough for the spring!

  7. Hi Anne, human nature really to wish we were tan and had curly hair when we’re fair and had straight hair. 😀
    Thanks, I do hope this virus leaves us well enough alone.

  8. Hi there! Hope you guys are much better now! Did you try stocking up on Vit C as well? Sometimes tomato juice, lemon drinks with honey, and plain Vit C tablets can help ward off these nasty irus(es).

  9. Hi Mary. Hope you are feeling much better now. Take care.

  10. Hi Mary! I hope you’re getting better now. Take good care of your health. 🙂

  11. Hi IA! We’re feeling much much better now, thanks! And yes we do have Vit C in stock plus OJ. Thanks!

    Hi Rach! I’m better now, thanks!

    Hi Bang! Thanks!

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