In Search of Brighter Days


I haven’t written much lately and I haven’t bloghopped as much. Life has been a series of ups and downs and endless parties and potluck dinners. And baby showers and bday parties and get-togethers. Add to that the fact that we’re getting sick again. Tween2 started it first and then TheFisherman and then Tween1 and finally me. It’s going around, this flu. Everywhere you go the sounds of coughing and sniffling and hemming and hawing as we try and make it through. Winter looks like it’ll never end. And I hate to complain but enough already!

I look out the window to the backyard. And I see something that fills me with longing —

The barbecue grill sits outside in the backyard, awaiting the next get together. It lies in wait for the hot charcoals and the group of people who stands around it as they all admire the food.  The aroma wafts in the air as smoke comes out. The barbecue grill basks in the glory.

I await barbecue days. For the kids to run around with the dogs, chasing them with water guns. The dogs cowering behind me, seeking refuge. TheFisherman a spectator to it all, as he holds his tong in one hand and an apron tied around his waist. He grins. This is the life.

Snapping back to reality, Tween1 walks up to me and declares he’s hungry. Time to feed him and get him his meds.

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  1. yup, a barbecue sounds great right about now 🙂

    hope you guys get better soon 🙂

  2. hi there, blog hopping here. care to xlinks?

  3. boiled luya squeezed with kalamansi juice is always a miracle worker for me and my family when sick with cough and colds and flu. i hope you will be able to try it. hope you and the rest of your gang feel better soon…

  4. Wish we can exchange weathers–it’s scorching HOT here! My son is getting heat rash, constantly crying out, “Itchy, itchy!”

    Hope you’re all well now!

  5. thanks for visiting and ur added to my link list now

  6. Thanks Cookie! We are finally better.

    Hi Avee, added you up. thanks for visiting!

    Hi Anne, thanks for the tip. I actually found ginger tea at our local Giant grocery store. It’s very much like salabat but pre-mixed. A little too sweet though.

    Hi IA, that’s funny! Sige, we can exchange weathers!

  7. bloghopped and found your site. i’m pinoy too! can we ex-links? 😉

    so you have twins? how old are they?

  8. Hi Arjay,
    I have 2 boys a year apart, 11 and 10 yr olds. Thanks for visiting my site. Added you to my blogroll.

  9. Viruses are all over here too! Hope you are feeling better now.

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