I am Grateful Day

Today is I am Grateful Day in my book as I thank these awesome gals.

Bang gave me this award:


I am passing this award to :

Cookie – for being such a wacky Mom, she seems like the Mom you get to have fun with

TeacherJulie – for being such a great teacher and homeschooling and making learning fun for her kids

 Lizzz – for being such an awesome rocker chic Mom!

TeacherJulie gave me these awards:



I would like to pass this award to:

Bang – for sharing her yummy recipes and being chosen as one of the featured publishers at Foodbuzz. You make us proud, Bang!

Lizzz gave me this award. Thanks Lizzz!


I am passing this award to:

TeacherJulie – you are a beautiful and sexy Mom inside and out.

FeistyMomma – need I say more? She’s hot, she’s sexy and she’s beautiful.

SweetbitesbyBang  gave me these awards:

I am passing on this award to:

Maps – awesome pics and great posts. We share a lot in common.

Belle – such great Mom with a very talented daughter who most probably got it from her Mom.

Christianne – your blog sure is a treasure. Love your stories of Annika.

Let me just say how thankful I am for all of these awards. I feel like I don’t deserve them but hey, who am I to refuse right? So a big thank you to these wonderful ladies who shared and passed on these awards to moi. I am grateful.

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  1. Hi Mary, wow daming awards…Congrats, you deserved them all..Cheers!

  2. Thanks Wenchie!

  3. hello. glad to hear about your better state now… blessings!

  4. First off, Congrats for the lovely awards! Well-deserving, Mary!

    Second, thanks for the passing them to me 🙂 I’m very flattered!

  5. Thanks for the award Mary! I appreciate it.

    Congrats for these awards. God bless! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Mary. Kinilabutan yata ako dun sa sexy pero, sige na nga, panindigan ang pagpapayat since malapit na ang summer 😀

    Congratulations for the seven more reasons to keep on blogging!

  7. Thanks Hailey! I’m so glad I’m able to function normally now.

    Thanks Maps! And of course you deserve the awadr! 😉

    Hi Bang! Thanks and congrats to you too!

    Hi Julie, Onga, we have to keep fit for bathing suit season! 😀 And thanks! That’s a really good way to put it – seven more reasons to keep on blogging. Good idea! Thanks!

  8. Hi Mary!! Congratulations on the numerous awards. Grabe, ang dami!! And, many thanks for passing the “Cool Mom” award. I am truly awed and grateful. Naku ha, nabubuking na talaga ang byuti ko…di na bale, one of these days I hope we can meet and we can do some wacky and fun things together 🙂

  9. Happy hearts day! 😉

  10. You’re welcome, Cookie. You truly deserve it. I can’t wait to meet you in person. 😉

    Thanks Bang! Happy Hearts Day to you too! 😀

  11. […] gave out awards in her blog […]

  12. Hello! Please add my other site. Lizzz2 @ http://Justlizzen.com Thanks! 😀

  13. hi there, congratulations for the awards given to you….
    btw, would u like to exchange links? thanks

  14. Will do Lizzz!

    Thanks DanaDebbie! I am happy to exchange links with you. 🙂

  15. thank you for this award! am so grateful! the things we do for the love of our children…you, too, is a super mom!!!

  16. Thanks Belle! You deserve yours too! 😉

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