The New Year


 I am finally feeling better now. Gone are the sniffling, hacking, blown-up-head-like-a-balloon feeling. I can finally say that I am better. Two weeks was such a long time to suffer but at last I am well. And great timing too! Our social calendar is filling up again after about a month’s lull. The kids are happy again to go to the parties and get-together where they get their fill of sodas and sugary concoctions they sneak out when all the adults are busy. The Fisherman is happy to meet up with his buddies and share fish stories, if you know what I mean. And I will once again bask in the glorious companionship of women like me – sharing stories about love, life, motherhood, religion, politics and celebrities. We will all have a great time and it is once again a chance for me to try out new recipes for the pot luck dinners. I have gained quite a reputation as a good cook and baker and I will take whatever small achievements I can.

The weather’s nicer now. It has been unseasonably warm for a February even though Punxsutawney  Phil saw his shadow signalling 6 more weeks of winter. The Fisherman told me yesterday that he is still hoping for one snow day to which the kids agreed. I, on the other hand, am just lucky the sun has made an appearance delivering me from yet more bleak, dark and lonely days. The sun is finally shining and I am glad. I even brought up the topic of camping with friends and we will be discussing it on the next get-together. I’m making plans, a good sign, I guess.

I decided to re-name/christen my family. As you probably noticed, FishermanHubs is now The Fisherman. And since I was getting tired of calling my kids alphabets by their first initials, I finally settled on Tween1 and Tween2. The resemblance and similarity is uncanny with Dr. Seuss’ characters, I tell you. As for me, I did undergo one change and that has something to do (again) with my hair. I’m wearing it shorter now and it is straight once again. I will decide one day, probably in the spring, whether to get another perm or color it. For now it is stick straight and black. Just the way I want it. For now.  

I feel like New year is just starting for me. I felt like December and January was such a blur that it is only now that I feel the new year. Well, today is after all the Chinese New Year and I am part Chinese on my Mom’s side so my calendar is not off.

I am optimistic about this year. I decided to be pro-active and take charge of my life. Not that I haven’t been but I’d be more pro-active. It is such a wonderful coincidence then that I chanced upon Oprah the other day and watched Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Secrets  The tips were very informative that I sent an email to everyone I know.

I also decided my sedentary lifestyle is not going to cut it. I have been exercising daily now (at home) and have even ordered a new exercise DVD. My gym buddy and former co-worker called me the other day asking when I’m coming back and I told her we’ll talk about it over lunch next week. A lunch date with my girlfriends is way overdue and I always have a great time with Dee and Chris.

As for my diet, I am trying my best to eat less which is really hard because The Fisherman has suddenly gotten into Chef mode. He plays with my new toy too and as a result we have been eating crepes for breakfast every. single. weekend. I am grateful for his help around the house and all but there are times when I wish he’d lay off the kitchen. But hey, I still am lucky and I reminded my kids how lucky they are that both of their parents cook. They agree and Tween2even said: “Did you know everyone gets jealous of me? It’s because I always bring good lunch. Everyone wishes you’re their Mom”. Aaawww!

So I’m good. The sun is shining, the weather’s nicer, I’m all better now and life goes on.

Happy New Year!

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  3. Hi! It’s good to know that you’re okay now. Take care always! 🙂

  4. this pic is superb… i love it… i might be bias because I love green but i do like this…

  5. Thanks Bang! Ingat din! 😉

    Hi Marie, thanks. I wish I can take credit but I forgot where I got this from and don’t know anymore. I do love the pic too! 😀

  6. Finally, the winter blahs are now slowly subsiding. Great to have you back in fighting form. Teka, bakit wala akong natanggap na email about Dr. Oz? Gusto ko yan, basta anti-ageing ok sa akin kasi malapit na akong maging…wag na lang..hehehe 🙂

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