Winter Blahs

So I didn’t get my iPhone. The one and only gift I wished for Christmas. And to top it all off, I got sick and so did my whole family. Which would have been okay had we not been the hosts for the annual Christmas party wherein we hosted 6 families. But we did manage and the party was a success. By the time New Year’s was spent at another friend’s digs, I was feeling well enough to dance the macarena (I kid you not!) with friends and family. And that’s with just a half glass of champagne! We did have games and I scored a pair of cute rooster kitchen towels. The kids had a blast and The Fisherman had way too much to drink but got sober in time to drive us all home. Seeing as I am blind during the night, we took the chance of letting a drunk drive than a blind person. LOL. But seriously, he did sober up before driving.

School started exactly the day after New Year’s and I was glad! I managed to get some zzzzs while the kids were in school and the naps helped a lot. Of course I am still suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which I always have during the winter. You see, the lack of sunlight makes people like me depressed and down in the dumps. I do not take medication for this as my depression isn’t that bad. I can function normally albeit less enthusiastically. But the boys are fed, the laundry and the dishes are done and the house may not be sparkling clean but it’s liveable enough.

Winter is also the time when people get prone to cabin fever. And so we thank the lucky stars for the boob tube. The blockbuster online rentals which come in the mail, the internet, and the phone. We crave the sun and we make do with whatever we have on hand. Unfortunately though, we also have food. Loads of it. And I’ve been baking and cooking and slaving in the kitchen. And The Fisherman has been cooking like there’s no tomorrow. This is one of the times when I wished both of us can’t cook. Because we both know how to cook, we cook whatever we feel like eating whenever we want. Which makes for a fatter, unhappier me.

I don’t make resolutions though. I stopped a long time ago. What’s the point? I never do ’em anyway. And since I’ve been depressed lately, I have no energy, drive or guts to change something or better myself for now. The day will come. It’s just not now.

Maybe we should move to Florida. The sunshine state. We’ve been toying with the idea for about 4 years now. And came close to buying a house for about 6 times now. BUT we’re still here. I stopped hoping one day we’ll move. If we decide, we’ll just pack our bags and leave. And leave the dreary, dark winters of the East coast. I have to admit, the thought of fishing and basking in the sun, and gardening without thinking of frost killing my plants appeals to me. Right now, it’s very appealing indeed.

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  1. Cabin fever? Is that like a movie? Even if we have the lowest salary and not so low cost of living, we are not going anywhere hehe. I don’t think I will survive in the snow.

    Maybe the iPhone will be in your stocking this year 😉 I stopped making resolutions too hehe.

    Hey, move to the sunshine state! hehehe. Hope everything will work out for you and your family.

  2. You know what, my sister in Nebraska was complaining about exactly the same thing. You’re right, it’s the lack of sunlight. It really causes some sort of depression. Imagine mo na lang na nasa Pinas ka.

  3. what about moving to AZ? kahit na it is cold her, pero we get a lot of sunshine and blue sky almost everyday. or better yet, move to the Philippines…hehe, finance permitting.

  4. Hi Mary. Hope you’re feeling better. Sending you warm smiles to cheer you up. 🙂

    There are always other special occasions to come. Maybe your iPhone will just come as a surprise.

  5. oh…. that’s why I’m glad I’m in africa. some things are blessings indeed. lol!

    but seriously, I’m sorry you are going through SAD. I adore the sunshine, and would probably go berserk if I were in your shoes.

    Hang on to the thought that days pass by quickly and soon it’ll be summer again *in the meantime, just turn on all the lights in the house, lol!* =)

  6. well, same here. the family was sick most of december… and it was not easy, really. pero malapit na ang spring, cheer up! and we would be in manila this feb, too 😀

  7. Hi Maps, we are very tempted indeed to move to FL but we’ll wait and see. If we decide to, I’ll post it here.

    Hi Cookie, onga eh. Imagining na lang muna ako ngayon 😉

    Hi Belle, my DS’s in-laws are in AZ and they rave about the blus skies a lot. And how I wish we can move back to the Phil. but not yet.

    Hi Rach, thanks for the warm smiles! And I will keep an eye out for that iPhone. 😉

    Hi Sheilamarie, I am so glad we changed our lighbulbs to the more energy efficient ones as we have them all turned on most of the day. I envy you living in Africa, looks like a great place with great people.
    Hi Raq, sorry to hear your family’s been sick too. Wow! buti pa kayo, uwi sa Feb. inggit ako!

  8. Hi Mary, maybe you should give it a try, I mean moving to Florida…Btw, I also didn’t get my wish – a laptop. Maybe my SIL in Jacksonville forgot her promise, he he. Maybe, something better would come for us. Cheers!

  9. Hi Wenchie, we’ll see what happens next. Sorry you didn’t get your laptop. Hopefully your SIL remembers and stat! 😀

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