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Last night was my TV night. Thanks to the writer’s strike, I haven’t been this giddy since … gosh I can’t even remember. Both Ugly Betty and Grey’s delivered. This was, by far, the best Ugly Betty episode so far. Amanda was as usual, really good and so was Mark and Wilhelmina and Cristina (loved her clothes and accessories!!!) and Daniel. I don’t like Alexis at all. She doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t even like her as a villain. And my once favorite Henry seems to wander into oblivion as he gets lamer and lamer each episode. But the storyline was good and the tender moments between Betty and Daniel – awesome! It is so refreshing to see a man and a woman in a healthy, platonic relationship. Didn’t like it that Hilda didn’t get much airtime though. LOVE her too!

warning – spoilerish – pls don’t read if you don’t want to know

Grey’s was sooooo good last night. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a while since the last epi and I’ll take what I can get but last night was really really good! At this point though, I don’t care anymore what happens to Meredith ad Derek. What I care about is Alex and Izzie. Always been rooting for them. And surprise surprise, in this epi, I even like Callie! Love her reaction when she was talking to Mrs. O’Malley and said her “I believe in love”speech. Did I say I love Alex and Izzie! There is definitely something there!!! LOVE Izzie’s speech about faith. And Lexie is so sweet in this epi! I’m curious to see what they have in store for her.

Kind of disappointed that we won’t see Joshua Jackson as of yet. Oh paging Dr. Pacey!!! I hope you still make it to the show! 

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  1. Mary, a short warning..this maybe a long reply hehe.

    Ugly Betty episode rocks! I really, really like it! I cannot wait for the next episode (will there be one next week? or we have to wait till the strike is over?). I agree that Alexis is not a a good villain, siguro di lang tayo nasanay hehehe.

    GA, oh GA! Well, what I did not like about the last episode (season finale I suppose?) is that Meredith hasn’t get over the trust issue. I was expecting something better on terms of their relationship. Or maybe is it something that they needed for now. In a way, I agree with her words that it’s too soon, too fast. I think this will make the show an interesting comeback. You know keep us yearning and waiting for the best to come. I was kinda expected what happened to Bailey’s marriage. Oh yeah, I want Alex and Izzie back!! I kinda like Callie’s speech too hehehe. I’m also excited about the development of Meredith & Lexie’s relationship.

    Hmmm..I’m hoping that Rose will be there to help McDreamy and Meredith get back together and not to make the situation worse. Remember, she and McDreamy said “friends”? I hope it’s only some kind of friendly date.And yeah, bring Pacey on! I cannot wait to see Pacey in scrubs LOL!

    Sorry for the long reply, parang blog entry na rin ito hehe.

    Have a great weekend, Mary!

  2. Hi Maps! What long post? I love the meeting of the minds here! Most especially when they’re GA related! LOL

    There are 2 more epis for Ugly Betty before the writers went into strike so yay! 2 more to go!

    True, Meredith needs to get over her trust issues and all that stuff. But the thing is, her character did go through a lot of stuff – found out boyfriend was married, became a mistress, death of her dog, mother, near death experience. She has gone through a lot of dramas more than heroine’s in telenovelas! BUT I am also getting tired of all the bull. That’s why I’d rather (and have always been anyway) rooting for Alex and Izzie.
    My thoughts on Rose? She’s not that pretty, IMHO. But then maybe they didn’t want to make her too likeable and end up rooting for a McDreamy-Rose instead.
    LOL. Isn’t it funny how we’re all talking about our next door neighbors?

  3. LOL!!! Ok Mary, chismisan na ito hehehe.

    Hurray! 2 more epis for Ugly Bets LOL!

    Well, Rose is ok hehe. I agree she does not that pretty. I don’t know maybe because I’m too biased LOL! I did not like that they kissed LOL! (soo high school!). I think this will spice up GA once again. I’m thinking if Pacey is joining, he and Lexie would be a cute couple LOL!

  4. Alex-Izzie!!!! *squeals*

  5. i love grey’s anatomy to the maxx… one of my fave tv series other than bionic woman, the unit, csi and more….

  6. Maps, I agree. What’s with the kissing? I do not like Rose at all even if I’m not rooting for MerDer. Pacey and Lexie would indeed make a cute couple. Doesn’t Lexie remind you of Andie? Pacey’s girl from the first season of Dawson’s Creek?

    Christianne, ***squeals too*******

    Marie, I used to watch Bionic woman, I think that actress is beautiful. CSI, I watch the reruns. Nice to know another GA fan!

  7. LOL! Mary, I was thinking the same thing about Lexie and Andie. Pareho nasa isip natin hehe. Although Lexie is not crazy hehehe.

    BTW, I saw GA sale items the other day at You might wanna check it out hehe.

    Take care!

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