New Hair, New Hairdresser

There are times in a woman’s life when she feels unattractive, too fat or just need a change. For me, it was all of the above. Aside from the fact that I gained weight after cancelling my gym membership (was paying and not going. Waste of time. Big mistake. Thunderthighs  and muffin top are a testament to the fact that I shouldn’t have canceled), my hair was as long as my bra clasps. The yummy curls I had was now reduced to pathetic bean poles hanging from my head. And so I decided to have a haircut despite protests from my boys, particularly the youngest one G. I assured him that I won’t have it really short.

I didn’t want to wait for my Korean friend Y to take me to the hairdresser. And I didn’t want to run the risk of getting a bad hair day just in case my instructions get lost in translation, I then decided to trek to the mall and get a haircut from one of those haircutting chains. My aunt and I had a good haircut from one of the hairdressers there and I was hoping she was still there. To my delight, she was. And so I specifically asked for her despite the 2 or 3 other hairdressers hovering, eyeing me as if I am a hippopotamus and they the lions waiting for the kill. R the hairdresser then sat me on the chair. She is, by the way, Asian too. I only trust my hair to fellow Asian women, nothing personal. I feel as if, sharing the same hair color and type, they understand me better. She had this very chic short hair with big dangling earrings and cool eyeglasses. Before I was able to tell her what I would like to do with my hair, she fingered my hair and tsk tsked.  With a stern look on her face, she said: “you had a perm and it was a bad perm”. What? this lady’s a genius! This is the first time I’ve been back since maybe 3 years ago and she remembered I had straight hair? But then I remembered that she does this for a living and she probably recognizes what you did to your hair at first glance. “Yes, I had a perm” I meekly replied. Feeling like a scolded child for doing something to my hair and she was not the one who did it. That I went to someone else instead of her. “How long ago was that?” peering at me through her glasses I felt like I was in the principals office instead of the hairdressers. “Four months ago”. “What? Had your perm been done the right way you wouldn’t have lost your curls like this.” I protested that this is the longest time I’ve been with a perm and that my stick straight hair is just plain stubborn but she didn’t pay attention. She then told me the correct way to perm the hair and had I taken care of it, it would have lasted a long time. So I told her it’s okay for now. All I need is a trim because I am getting tired of my hair and made a promise that if I need another perm I’d go to her. That seemed to satisfy her and so we compromised on me getting a trim.

Only after I was seated and she was chopping off layers from my hair did I know that she is in fact, an artist. (Which probably explained the temperament a little bit). She is into orchids and has a greenhouse, she does photography and goes into competitions. She said there is no money on art and so she cuts hair. That settled me right there and decided that this is going to be my regular hairdresser from now on.

I went out of there with a nice new haircut which earned a thumbs up from the boys.

And so, here it is, I present – my hair:


Told you I shouldn’t have cancelled the gym membership. 😦

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  1. Hi Mary. I know what you mean. I have days like that too but a trip to the salon always lifts my spirit. We all deserve a little pampering from time to time.

    It’s a lovely hairstyle. I’m glad you discovered a new hairdresser that you like.

    Take care!

  2. Wow, Mary I love your hair. Hilarious hairdresser! I wish I have curly locks but no luck hehe. It’s not easy finding a good hairdresser. You have an excellent one and you connected 🙂 Maybe add the gym membership on the wishlist? 😉

  3. i couldnt find the right hairdresser, too 😀 hirap kasi iba ang asian hair talaga e. anyway, i have started regularly to the gym, too. i need too, we would be in manila feb next year, binge time 😀 merry christmas!

  4. ooops, kengkay is raqgold, too 😀

  5. Hi Rach! Thanks! I like it too and vow to maintain it from now on. 😉

    Hi Maps! I know. I am so glad I found her again. Hmmm, the gym membership…. maybe. LOL

    Hi Raq/Kengkay! Ay I wish you can find your hairdresser too. Ang hirap di ba? That’s why I have long hair, it’s easier to let it grow than to maintain it if you don’t have a good hairdresser. Goodluck on your trip to Manila. Hope you have a blast!

  6. Hi Mary,
    Your hair looks lovely! I only go to this lady who works for an upscale spa. She works at a barbershop on Saturdays and I go there because it’s cheaper. I need a hair cut and a work out too. I have to get back into exercising too, I stopped for some reason(tamad).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Hi Tina! Thanks! You are one lucky gal to find someone! Hang on to her and make sure you give her one of your yummy goodies! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!! 😉

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