All I Want for Christmas is – An iPhone


note: this was a post that I thought I published but turns out I didn’t. pls disregard the date.   

Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet which would have signaled the beginning of the Christmas season (read:shopping) here in North America but the stores are displaying Christmas decorations. What the heck! No wonder there are a lot of consumers who are just sick of all the marketing ploy to get people to buy stuff. Well sure the sounds of Jingle Bells wafting through the air and the giant Santa Claus smack dab in the middle of the mall not to mention all the Christmas ads makes you want to puke in your mouth a little bit but it does get you wondering what to buy your aunts, cousins and relatives for the Holidays. And so it is with these impure thoughts have I been drooling over the iPhone. After seeing the commercial and all the hype, I look at the TV screen pretty much like Mowgli in the Jungle book (you know, that scene where his eyes get real big like saucers?). I am transfixed, mesmerized, hooked, stupefied. For the first time in my technophobe life I am craving a techno-gadget! Me! The same person who cannot figure out how to program the VCR or even TiVo (if we had one) would like a 21st century modern day invention. Who am I and where is the real me?

But yes, I am craving the iPhone. I even announced it one day while I was watching TV at the basement. The iPhone commercial came in and I yelled “Daddy, I want an iPhone”. To which FishermanHubs replied “yeah right”. He insists that iPhones are only for those who a)have nothing better to do with their lives  or b) have a lot of time on their hands. This from the same man who needs to have the latest electronic gadget.

Whatever, I still want an iPhone for Christmas.

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  1. I don’t blame you, I’ve resisted getting an iPod for the past 3 years but the iPhone and iPod Touch are testing my resolve!

  2. hope you get the iphone for Christmas. make sure to hang your stocking out…hehe

  3. Sana nga you’ll get it for Christmas 🙂 Several things that I like to get this Christmas, mostly photography stuff 😀

  4. asan si Santa? bigay mo sa kin number niya, text ko para ihabol ka niya 🙂

  5. HOPE YOU RECEIVe your wish. tell santa i want one too.

  6. Hi Christianne! Especially when they show those cool commercials! I feel like a 3 year old on Christmas!

    Hi Belle! I know, right? I should definitely hang my stocking out this year! And have my fingers crossed.

    Hi MOM! Thanks! I do hope I get one. That’ll be the Christmas! Hope you get your wishes too! 😉

    Hi Cookie! Bibigyan mo ba ng hint? LOL Thanks ha! 😀

    Hi raising3girls! Thanks! I do hope we both get one!!! 😀

  7. funny, I also posted my wishlist on my blog, right before Thanksgiving. yes i think an IPhone would be great. me naman, maraming nakapila na ‘wants’ before an iphone. I hope that Santa will give you an IPhone!

  8. Hi Jeannie! Really? Great minds think alike, I guess? LOL 😀 Thanks. I hope I get one too! Hope we get all our wishes!

  9. I have an uncle who told me that the total cost of ownership of an Iphone will end up like $2,000. I don’t know how he computed it but he is a day trader at the stock market and he knows what he is talking about. I haven’t really looked into Iphones even if I like tinkering with gadgets. I just dumped my 7 year relationship with Sprint and got on AT&T and I’m happy with having able to call where ever I am.

  10. Hi Tina! Thanks for the input. And I believe your uncle! To tell you the truth, it is just wishful thinking on my part and I know I won’t be getting one. But oh well, a girl can dream, right? 😉

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