I Wear My Eyeglasses At Night


In the 5 stages of Loss after denial, the last stage of which comes acceptance. In my case, it’s my loss of perfect vision and the need to wear eyeglasses. It all became apparent after I cannot read the street signs from a distance. And at night, I had to squint when I drive. Reading, which I love has become a chore and a headache, literally. And so, after reluctantly accepting the fact that maybe, just maybe, I really need to have my eyes checked, did I go to the Optometrist. As expected, he declared that my right eye is near sighted. Which would have been okay had I not been right eye dominant. My left eye was perfectly 20/20 except for what appeared to be old scars. What? My left eye has scars? Did you have an injury? the doctor asked. I shook my head no. What about in your childhood? I have no idea. Note to self: call my Mom in FL. The doctor then proceeded to tell me how I need to have eyeglasses and that instead of wearing bifocals, I should wear what they call progressive. The top part of the glasses was for distant vision – so I would be able to read street signs, the middle part whenever I’m at the computer and the lower part for reading. The doctor did advise me that it would feel weird the first few weeks after I’ve had the glasses and I might even be dizzy. Great! I am looking forward to it.

Choosing the eyeglasses itself meant I had to take a vote from all 3 boys – FishermanHubs and the 2 kids. After narrowing down the choices to 2 and being deadlocked (gee, you would think we were voting for the next Mayor), we finally decided on my new glasses. We had to take votes from the assistants and the staff too. My oldest son C wears glasses and FishermanHubs wears reading glasses (which he refuses to wear in public) so it is only youngest son G who has 20/20 vision.

It has been 2 weeks now and after a near collision with a car while I was driving under the bridge in the rain, I am still unsure if I will ever get used to this whole eyeglass-wearing thing.

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  1. Hi Mary!! I know what you feel. I started wearing glasses around 2 years ago and to this day it still feels very odd. Tama ka, parang ayaw ko pang aminin sa sarili ko na tumatanda na ako 🙂

  2. hi mary,
    thanks for dropping by.
    i found you, despite the fact that you did not
    leave your website address (patting myself on the back)
    1. loved hope for the flowers. message is simple yet deep.
    2. do not need glasses yet, but i am aware that it is only a matter of time since i turn 41 in a few weeks.

    i enjoy your writing style and am also a grey’s fan.

    will be back.

  3. Hehe, ang hirap talaga mag-decide when you’re choosing eyeglass frames. After all, it’s something you will wear almost everyday!

    Contacts aren’t an option for you? I tried contacts for two months but it felt REALLY weird so I went back to glasses (been wearing them since I was in high school)

  4. been wearing glasses since high school. takang taka kasi ako kung bakit double vision ako kapag sa malayo ako nakatingin yun pala naman i needed glasses na. it took me a few days bago ko maalis yung parang nasa alupaap ka when you are walking. i tried contacts too– but went back to glasses.

  5. Hi Cookie! Sinabi mo pa! I felt like I am really getting old wearing glasses and all. Kaya ayun, I tried putting it off until such time that really need to wear glasses. In denial kasi eh! 😀

    Hi Chesca! Welcome to my site. Sorry for being all mysterious and not leaving my URL. I’m glad I found you anyway. LOVE Hope for the Flowers and glad to find someone who loves it too. Aaaaw, thanks. Glad you liked my writing style. Hope to see you around! Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Christianne! Sinabi mo pa! The optometrist did tell me I can wear contacts if I want to but I opted not to. The idea of having a foreign object in my eye isn’t so appealing to me. 😦 You look good with glasses. I don’t. I feel granny-ish.

    Hi Raq! Didn’t know you wear glasses. Buti na lang ‘di ka naaksidente or anything since it took a while before you got one huh?

  6. Hi Mary. Hope you get use to your new glasses soon.

    Staying in front of the computer has affected my eyesight and I’m sure I will be needing reading glasses soon.

  7. hi…ill be wearing glasses soon…i have this error of refraction thing going on in my eyes because of overstraining my eyes…

  8. i have been wearing reading glasses (1 focal point) for several years now. i wear my glasses below the bridge of my nose so i could still peer over the glasses for distance. if there is a good looking guy, i would quickly remove my glasses and set on top of my head…hehehe.

  9. during my teen years, I was almost forced to wear eyeglasses but I really beg my Mama to give me sometime to weigh if I really need it so badly. Buti nalang na-ok na eye sight I know it is uncomfortable sometimes that’s why am hoping my eye sight will remain okay.

  10. i had glasses when i was younger but now i’ve switched to contacts and sometimes i feel blind without them on. you’ll get use to it in time. its better than having an accident. 🙂

  11. Hi Rach! Still not getting used to it. 😦 Oh no! I hope you don’t get one!

    Hi Rey! Goodluck on the glass wearing thing too. Do blog about it once you get the chance. 😉

    Hi Belle! LOL that’s funny! Love the wearing the glasses below the bridge thing, it’s like being a naughty librarian. 😀

  12. Hi Marie! Oh no! such a shame to hide your beautiful eyes. buti na lang!

    Hi Chi! True. Better safe than sorry. Thanks! 😉

  13. I have been sort of blind for years now. I need glasses to watch tv and I can’t watch a movie without it. Yup that’s how blurred it is. But of course, I don’t wear these, just when I have to. I am particularly “blind” inside offices with white lights. No, not reading glasses for me yet, thank you 😉

  14. Hi Julie! You and my son C are the same way. He needs glasses for TV and movie watching and if he’s too far from the blackboard. You’re still young to be wearing reading glasses. 😉

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