Rainy Days and Thursdays (and Pushing Daisies)

Unlike Garfield and Karen Carpenter’s song – it isn’t Mondays that gets me down, it’s Thursdays. For some unknown reason, or maybe it’s Murphy’s Law that is only applicable to me – it always rains on Thursdays. I know, I know, we need the rain but it isn’t only now that this happened. It always rains on Thursdays. Which I hate because it’s dark and cold and gloomy outside and it affects my mood big time! Add to that the fact that I have to drive the kids to Taekwondo at night and I might as well be as blind as a dingbat. Rain and dark nights are a bad combination for me and my mediocre driving skills are put to the test. I drive slowly in the rain, as the car behind me must have been cursing me to high heavens for doing a 25-30 on a 35 while others are doing a 45. Oh well, at this point, I don’t care. All I want is to be safe and to get to the destination safely.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. In fact my favorite poem is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Rainy Day. And I know how vital rain is to living things. It is driving in the rain that gets to me. If I can, I’d rather stay home. Cuddled up with a good book, a hot cocoa and a fleece throw, I’m all good. But we gotta go what we gotta do and so I do it no matter how much I hate doing it.

The only thing I like about Thursdays is Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy. Like I said, they’re the only shows I look forward to every week. But this season, on Wednesdays add to that Pushing Daisies to the list of our must-see TV.

A new forensic-fantasy-love story. Even my kids watch it. They like how the main character Ned has the power/ability to touch dead people and bring them to life, tell them how they died and solve the murder/mystery. The visuals are stunning too! Think Edward Scissorhands. Anna Friel, Ned’s love interest in the show looks like Audrey Taotou. She’s really pretty and charming. And the storyline about them not being able to touch – oh the angst! the drama! the suspense! I love it. I’m in it for the love angle, the kids are in it for the dead bodies coming to life.

So therefore, I might bitch and moan about hating Thursdays but I do look forward to Thursday nights. And that’s what gets me through the day.

image credits: www.abc.go.com

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  1. they say it really nice and its racking on the ratings…kaso wala kong abc…


    bloghoppin po…

  2. It’s nice and it’s good so far. Hope you’ll be able to catch it soon.
    Thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

  3. no prob grey mom…hihi…
    woud you mind if we exlinks para mas madali na kitang mabisita…

  4. I agree maganda yong new tv series na yan. So far ang daming magagandang movies ngayong fall. we also love bionic woman, the unit, ER, at siyempre all time fave ko yong Grey’s Anatomy… siyangapala, kamusta?

  5. Mary, it is really good? Pushing Daisies? We don’t have cable tv (kuripot eh) but we have other resources. Hubby is so into NCIS (:D) now, have the DVD season 1-4, please don’t ask how, LOL.

    Hope everything will be lovely, as vibrant and as fiery as the autumn colors. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Rey! Linked you up. thanks for doing so with me too!

    Hi Marie! Naku, sinabi mo pa! Andami talagang magagandang shows right now. Abala sa life. hehehe πŸ˜€ Ok lang ako, thanks for asking.

    Hi Julie, It’s different. Good different. So far the kids can watch the show without me asking them to avert their eyes or leave the room for a while. LOL πŸ˜€
    The colors aren’t as vibrant but they’re here. Hope to post pics soon!

  7. LOL, ako din, sometimes I just struggle through the day and look forward to the evening na lang… when I snuggle with hubby on the couch and watch our favorite shows! thanks for the recommendation, will check out this new show.

  8. I have yet to watch Pushing Daisies, the hubs recorded an episode. OF coure UB & GA are my Thursday fix!

  9. feeling ko po wala pa to sa cable dito sa pinas..

  10. i dont know when i can really get to sit and watch tv — busy blogging e, hahaha…

  11. Hi Christianne! Isn’t it the greatest thing to have something to look forward to after a whole day’s work? And best of all, it’s free! LOL Please let me know what you think of Pushing Daisies. It is making raves according to the polls.

    Hi MOM! Hope you get to watch it one day when you’re not as swamped anymore.

    Hi Rey! Naku, I’m sure makakarating agad yan sa Pinas. wait ka lang. πŸ˜‰

    Hi Raq! Onga, you’re really such a busybody kasi! Take time to relax and watch an epi when you get a chance! πŸ™‚

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