Some Things Never Change


It is comforting to know that despite all the ups and downs and the ever-changing tastes, some things remain the same. One of which is my older son C’s love for his teddy bear.

He’s had “Teddy” since he was 3 and has been inseparable ever since. Once, our dog (which was a puppy then) got ahold of Teddy and bit off his nose. My son was hysterical and crying like an injured animal when it happened. I had to sew Teddy’s nose back on and he bears the scar to this day. A ghastly reminder to his near-death experience.

Last week, as I was tucking C to bed, I noticed that Teddy was a little flat, his nose pressed flat on his face. Looking more like a Pug than a teddy bear, you can see that he’s been squished and loved to death. I told C that I needed to stuff him. “What?! NO!” And I told him that stuffing Teddy would make him more huggable and more “pleasant looking”. He reluctantly agreed on the condition that I do it when he’s not watching. Somehow he feels like I am going to “hurt” Teddy by cutting him up and stuffing him. “It’s going to be a small cut” I said. “It doesn’t matter, I still don’t want to see it being done to him”. Now here is an 11 year old who refuses to show affection to me in public, trying to act all teenagerly and he doesn’t want a stuffed animal to get hurt? I assured him Teddy will be okay.

A pound or two of stuffing later and Teddy is muscular, softer and more loveable. My son won’t have it any other way.

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  1. What a sweet story. I think it’s so adorable the way your son shows love and affection for his teddy bear.

    It reminded me of my favorite Holly Hobby doll when I was young. I really loved that doll and took it everywhere I went. The doll’s face faded in time and one night I saw marker signs on her face. My Dad outlined the face using a marker. It was a kind gesture on the part of my Dad but I cried because it was never the same again. Your story has a good ending because your son was grateful for the improvement on his teddy bear.

    Even though that Holly Hobby doll incident made me cry, I appreciated my Dad’s gesture when I grew older. He had my best interest after all.

    Thanks for clicking on my domain wish request. I really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Mary!! Alam mo ba mukhang nalilinya si Gaby sa ganyang fondness. She has this ratty looking elephant, Lumpy, who is as old as she is. Grabe, it looks so mabaho pero no matter what we do, or buy, si Lumpy pa din ang mahal niya. Binabantayan pa niya yan sa sampayan pag nilalabhan!!

    In hindsight, she must have taken that trait from me. I used to have a pillow that was so “lamog” but it took me years to give up. I think it’s some sort of security anchor.

    Rach, my youngest sister also had a Holly Hobby doll that she loved to death. Literally!! Napugutan na ng ulo when she finally gave it up. Tawag namin ay Hollybolly 🙂

  3. Hi Rach,
    Thanks for sharing your story. There are some things we do with and to our children that might seem like they’re nothing at that time but will turn out to be a life changing event in their lives. And there are some things we do as parents where we have their best intentions and the kids can never fully grasp the whole meaning until later on. Yours was one of those.
    Thanks again. And I hope you win!!! 😉

  4. Hi Cookie,
    Cute naman ng name “Lumpy” parang mattress. hehehe
    It’s so funny and cute how kids get an attachment to stuffed animals or toys and how they treat it like precious stones.
    Nagmana pala sayo si Gaby eh! 😀
    Kawawa naman ng Hollybolly na napugutan ng ulo! 😦

  5. Grabe talaga mga bata ano? I think it’s giving them comfort. This is a cute story. You son is really attached to his teddy 🙂

    BigSis has these smelly pillows and baby blankets she had since birth. She cannot let it go. Mr. Postman cannot let go this old, ragged comforter (now does not look like a comforter) that’s at least 15 years old hehe.

  6. Trixie has Rumples, a rabbit who have been with her since she was a baby. Now Rum looks old and gray but guess what, nasa bed pa niya though she doesn’t embrace her anymore. Julian has no real affinity to stuffed toys, having asthma and all, but he would rather sleep beside me than anywhere else. Tania has a pink teddy too, called Jiggles. When Jig’s shoulder or batok I think was torn (kasi hinihila nila from her para paiyakin siya grrrr…) Trixie sewed it back. Hay, kahit mabaho, its smells good to them. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing about your son’s affinity to his stuffed teddy.

  7. Hi MOM! Conforting tlaga for them. It’s like no matter what happens as long as their stuffed bundle’s there with them, they’re alright.

    Hi Julie! Aaaaw, how cute! Love that story about your kids. It’s nice seeing kids love something to death. LOL 😀

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