Bits and Pieces

There was something about the way my son C was talking yesterday that made me realize that he’s 11 years old now. It wasn’t the content or the essence of what he was saying. It was the way he said it – his voice, his intonation, his expression, his gestures. He acted almost like a teenager. I didn’t know how to react – would i be sad because he’s growing up and has lost some of the “innocence” or should i be happy because he is becoming his own person, developing his sense of identity. In the end i decided on both. Motherhood is overwhelming at times. Not to mention how age is creeping up on me. I feel so old these days. I feel like i am sprouting up gray hairs every day. Wrinkles are making an appearance on my face. The bags under my eyes are getting puffier and the tummy pouch is getting harder and harder to get rid of by the minute. And so yeah, i feel old. And your son showing signs of aging kind of reminds you of that even more. My husband still insists on having another baby. “We produce good looking babies” as if it’s the latest product on the market – “newer! better packaging! new look!” I refuse to budge. The thought of bringing a baby in this world once again where i have to battle with strollers and car seats is very intimidating. Heck, I can’t even get my niece out of her car seat! Both my sons don’t want another baby brother or sister. “Too much work” they said. 

I am still going through life changes. It’s a long and winding road. But i have taken the time to pause and think otherwise it’ll drive me crazy. Still busy, but still blogging. I have a lot of plans – better looking blog, a cooking blog,regular contributions to the pmn ezine (sorry Raq and Dexie!), books to read. places to go. poems to write. stories to tell. I have a lot of them. There’s a lot of me wanting to go out and share. Until then, these are bits and pieces of me.

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  1. My oldest, of two sons, just turned 11 too. I think the same way. He seems so mature and I miss the little one of him but enjoy where he is now. Everytime I think of having another, God sends me one of those days and I think 2 is a good #.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. Hi Debbie, 11 is a good age, I guess. And yes, I think 2 is a good # too 😉

  3. Don’t let all these things get you down. I guess it’s really all part of the mothering experience. My Mom told me (later on na lang) that she felt lost when my sisters and us “grew up and out from beneath her apron”. Ganun ata talaga. Funny, though, when we grow older we also tend to gravitate back home. Kaya wag kang mag-worry masyado. Nagbibinata lang ang anak mo. Kailangan pa rin naman niya ng PG, di ba.

    BTW, sensya na din at hindi ko pa na-update ang Food and Cooking section ng PMN ezine. Dami ko pa kasing catching up to do since I arrived. Contribute ka din sa akin ha 🙂

  4. Hi Cookie, thanks for the reassurance. And yes, I do plan to contribute to the Food and Cooking section, malakas ka yata sa akin! 🙂

  5. Ang mga bata talaga ngayon ang bilis lumalaki!

    I agree 2 is good enough. My hubs wants baby#3 and as much as we can, we stop at 2. I told him on one condition, he will carry the baby and give birth after 9 months hehehe.

    I think about you everytime I watch GA. Hope works out for the best. Take it easy.

  6. Hi MOM, thanks! We’re the same. That’s the condition I told my husband too. 😀 I am trying my best not to write about GA here now but I am a loyalist still. Thanks for thinking about me when you’re watching it.

  7. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  8. Hi Maximus, I will. One day.

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