Comforts of Home, or the lack thereof

What is it about our own home that makes us sleep better, feel more secure and safe? Is it the familiarity? The knowledge that this is the place where we’ll stay for most, if not, the rest of our lives? Or is it because we made it our own – with our own personal style, depending on our own comfort?

Whatever the reason, it is a pretty daunting task when you’re away from home and trying and make it work at whatever place you’re in. Be it a hotel or a different home. Being with relatives and close friends doesn’t matter either. The days are filled with activities and laughter but at the end of the day – the sleeping part, it is where the familiar surroundings are missing. And for some of us, me included, being in unfamiliar territory is a challenge. I like being in familiar surroundings where I know every nook and cranny, every creaking door, which jar contains what, and what part of the house gets the most sun. Simple things, I know but it matters to me. Even my own bed linens, pillows and my own bed makes a difference. Short of bringing my own sheets I try and make the best of it – to the point of sacrificing my snooze time.

And so here I am, a week into my vacation and I have yet to be able to sleep a full 8 hours. I am able to have some shut-eye at around 3 am, only to be awakened by a mopful of hair that somehow speaks with a meek “ta-ta”. That’s my 2 year old niece who, for some reason invented a new word – “ta-ta” pronounced like Winnie the Pooh’s friend. The correct term would have been “tita” or aunt but “ta-ta” stuck and I like it better too.

For now I get by with loads of caffeine in my system just to be able to function normally and go through the motions of everyday living. I miss home. Or maybe my husband.Or maybe both.   

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  1. Namamahay ka. I’m like that too. Which is why if the trip is a short one I get really pooped. No rest eh.

  2. I know how you feel Mary. I went 4 sleepless nights when we went to the Philippines last year. Even with Benadryl that usually knocks me out.

    Just try to enjoy as much as you can because soon you’ll be flying back home!

  3. @Kong/Cookie: So true. Also a sign of old age, I guess. Dati at the end of the day plakda na ako but now no matter how tired I am, I still have trouble sleeping.

    @KK/Tina: So sorry to hear that even Benadryl didn’t do the trick. As for me, I think the red wine at the plane knocked me out. LOL
    Thanks! I’ll try my best to enjoy the rest of the vacation. 😉

  4. Hi there! My kids and I miss hub too when we stay in my baguio for the holidays or summer… Two weeks are long, I understand!
    My little son has the most difficulty adjusting to new places -he couldn’t sleep.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation! I hope you’d finally be able to get more sleep before it’s over 😀

  5. Iba talaga kung sa sariling bahay ano? When hubs and I got married and no kids yet we used to babysit his nephew and niece on few nights a week. Hubs had to bring his pillows and blankets or else he will not get a goodnight’s sleep 😀 Later on, gave up going with me to his sis house because the pillows and blanket did not do the job 😀

    Hope you are enjoying the beaches in Jax. I’m sure you’ve been to the Jacksonville Landing?

  6. Nahihirapan din ako matulog in unfamiliar places. Bringing your own sheets – that’s not a bad idea.

  7. How are you enjoying your vacation Mary? Still there? When do classes start in Md?

    Hope you have a great time. Take care.

  8. you know what, i feel the same way too when im on vacation. i miss my bed, my pillows and even my bathroom. your home kasi is your comfort zone and once you’re not in that zone, it feels so hard to relax and just go through with the vacation. in my case, everytime im on vacation, i get constipated all the time since i can’t seem to adjust using someone else’s bathroom. 🙂

  9. @ Chateau: I was finally able to get some zzzs after a week, thanks. I dunno, Chats, like I said, maybe I am getting old. 😀

    @momoftwo: Glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t sleep at other people’s homes. We did go to Jacksonville landing for a girl’s night out. 😉

    @Christianne: I think that’s what I’m going to do next time-bring my own sheets. I just hope people won’t think I’m being picky or snotty or anal.

    @Julie: Hi Julie! We’re back in VA now, thank you. Classes start the day on Sept. 4. Thank God! LOL

    @Chi: Glad to know we’re on the same boat. And right you are- our home – that’s our comfort zone right there. Take us out of it and we’re like fish out of water.

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