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Here is my latest article  on the PMN ezine. For some reason,  I can’t access the comment section of my article so I hope y’all won’t mind if I posted my replies here until I figure it out.  Just don’t want y’all to think I’m ignoring your comments.

Still on vacation but can’t resist checking on PMN 😉

Thanks to Melissa, the Travel section editor, for having me as a guest in the Travel section of the ezine.

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  1. @ geri’s comment:

    Mary, travelling alone with 2 boys? You are a supermom! Thanks for sharing pointer. Browsing through it I could see how different travelling with young boys is from an infant, the needs are different too.

    Geri, I’m no supermom but thanks! I tried my best and thought I’d pass on the advice just so other parents out there who’ll be traveling alone with kids in tow are forewarned. LOL

  2. @ Raq’s comment:
    double checking everything beforehand really spares time! it is also good to check the available food on the flight for kids.

    I agree Raq. And checking the available food is especially helpful for younger kids.

  3. I cannot seem to access the comment section too. Great post, I’ll keep this in handy when the time comes. I’m sure gonna be disaster if mommy is not prepared and organized 😀

  4. Hi Mary!! Couldn’t access the comment section either. Anyway, this is a well timed post. We’ve been planning to take the kids on a plane trip soon, now that they are getting older so I need all the help I can get. Even if both my husband and I will be taking the trip, having to take care of toddlers is really a big responsibility. Great post!!

  5. @momoftwo: glad to know it’s not just me. I thought there were goblins on my laptop 😀

    @Kong/Cookie: Good luck on your trip! So glad my post gave you ideas. Do let me know when your trip is going to be and where exactly ha? Email me privately. Who knows, we might meet 😉

  6. @ KK’s comment:

    Thanks for the tips Mary, as of now I have one girl but I’ll keep your tips in mind, just in case.

    Anytime, Tina! Hope I didn’t scare you off having more kids. LOL 😀

  7. Hi Mary. I’ve read the article but couldn’t access the comment either.

    I’ve never travelled in a plane with my son before but I appreciate the great tips.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Hi Rach,
    Thanks. Just thought it’ll be helpful to someone. 😉

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