Away and Out of Love

It’s been less than a week but already, DH and I logged on more clock hours than a regular workweek. Talking on the phone, that is. Thank God for free mobile-to-mobile minutes, we can talk on the phone anytime we want.

The kids are missing him terribly. And so am I. This is the first time ever that we’ve been apart this long and it’s been lonely. Sure the babies are keeping us occupied and we love spending quality time with my sister and her family but we miss DH a lot! It just isn’t the same without him.

My oldest son, who’s the more sensitive one told me while we were waiting at the airport: “I miss Dad already”. To which I said: “but it hasn’t been 10 minutes since he dropped us off”. He just gave me a sad face. I turned away because I was getting choked up. No use trying to be emotional in front of the kids or it’ll be a crying fest right there and then.
And then today, my youngest son was eating Hershey’s kisses and one of the paper things had an “I miss you” written on it to which he exclaimed: “we should send this to Daddy”. My older son then gave his to his brother. It read: “cheer up”.

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  1. Your boys are the sweetest on earth. You have a strong and tight family. Good going Mary!! Kelan ba kayo uuwi? 🙂

  2. Thanks Cookie. We’ll be home on the last week of August 😉

  3. your boys are so sweet 🙂 that hershey paper thingy was so perfect for the moment 😀

  4. Momoftwo: I know. I wouldn’t have paid attention to those paper thingies had this not happened. Now I appreciate it.

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