Movie Night – Arthur and the Invisibles


We borrowed Arthur and the Invisibles  from Blockbuster a long time ago and it sat for 5 days, unwatched by my kids until DH finally broke down and returned it. But since Friday night was movie night (a family tradition of ours. we watch a movie every Friday night) and we cannot find a new movie, we borrowed this. Now my kids are getting to the age where they don’t like babyish movies. And they thought this was one of them. Well it wasn’t that babyish. There was action, which they loved and there was animation which they also loved and the animation was cool not babyish at all. Except for that one character who eerily looked like a troll doll. You know, one of those dolls with humonguous eyes and spiky pink hair? That one.

The story pretty much started like one of those “once upon a time” movies. And I immediately noticed the farm. You see, I have this love for farmhouses with wrap around porches. I dream that one day when I retire that I will be able to afford one of those houses and afford to live on my pension. But anyways, back to the story…

It’s an adventure packed story and the kid who plays Arthur is that British kid in almost all the movies who plays well,  the kid. He’s a cute one too. While we didn’t understand why the kid had a British accent and all the others had American accent, we tried to look past that and concentrated on the storyline. Interesting actors who voiced the characters – Madonna, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, to name a few.

This is a movie that kids will surely love.

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