Yard Sale Finds of the Week

Time once again to post my yard sale finds of the week:
Black Sandals and red strappy sandals. Love how the hue isn’t a slutty red but a saucy red. $5.00 for both. shoes.jpg
I was so happy when I found this. The red valance with the check lining is perfect. And the red plaid curtain on the left is identical to the red placemats I already have. Now this looks like a Longaberger fabric that someone probably purchased and made. I’m just glad I got it for a fraction of the cost. The floral curtain was $3.00 and the plaid curtain was $2.00 at a church yard sale
This is also a great find. The rug was rolled when they were selling it and I did not get a chance to see what the pattern was but the color was right and the price made it irresistible – $2.00. The blue curtains I love. I love toile and it certainly matches the rug – $3.00
At a flea market, this lady was selling a trunkful of clothes and I got all these from her:
white Ann Taylor linen pants, The Limited cropped pants, The Limited pink stripe shirt and a BCBG black sleeveless blouse. The price – a whopping $8.00 for all of them or $2.00 apiece. The downside: all of them are dry clean only. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

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  1. good finds talaga. we wanted to go today but it rained 😦

  2. fabulous bargains as always, Mary! it’s been a while since I went to my fave flea market…

  3. Love the red shoes!! Very sexy!! Tsaka, ano yung valance? Love the rug too 🙂

    Mary, baka you’re forgetting…I tagged you also for the “Face Behind the Blog” thingie.

    La ka ng migraine?

  4. @Raq: Too bad it rained. I hope the weather’s nicer next weekend. 😉

    @Chateau: Do visit your fave flea market. I am urging you. 😀

    @ Kong: A valance is a curtain din pero it’s the top part only. Pretty much like the blue one you see on the 3rd pic. The rug is so soft and is in very good condition, no stains or anything. I was so happy, esp for $2.00!
    I haven’t forgotten about the other tag. Hirap lang kasing mag isip. hehehe. la na po migraine ko, thank God. That Excedrin migraine worked really well. Thanks for asking. 😉

  5. Hi Greymom,
    Wow! Good yard sale finds. Love the sandals and the curtains with matching valance.

  6. Thanks Tina. The sandals are so comfy but I’ve just been using the black one. Can’t wait to use the red one.
    The curtains are really nice, I’m glad you liked ’em too. 😉

  7. Wow. If I am brought to a yard sale, I would be buying things too. The challenge is the hunt, I guess.

  8. Wow good finds talaga.

  9. Thanks Rowena.

  10. i love the red sandals. size 9 ka ba? am size 8 or sometimes 8 1/2.

  11. Wow ang galing mo naman Belle! Oo, I’m a size 9

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