Yet More Weird Things About Me

I am finding it hard to come up with more weird things about me for the following reasons:

  1. I don’t think I’m weird enough
  2. What I think might be normal for me will be weird for other people and what I think might be weird for me just might be plain “huh?” for other people
  3. I’m so boring, I cannot find anything weird about me

But I digress. I thought since Scroochchronicles did hers by just adding more to her old list 💡 , I might as well do as she did. 

1. I microwave my ice cream. I like it melted. Yum!

2. I cry at commercials. Hallmark commercials, tender loving moments between father & daughter, mother and son, you name it. I cry buckets!

3. I read the newspaper everyday BUT start with the entertainment and comic section before I read the front page. Sometimes I skip reading the front page altogether.

4. I can easily memorize lyrics but don’t know the title or who the singer is.

5. When I am at other people’s houses I re-arrange and re-decorate their stuff in my head. Somehow I have this urge to move the sofa away from the wall, put fresh flowers on the table or change the color scheme altogether.

6. I clean the house at night, not in the morning. I have more energy during the evening than in the morning. Yup, not a morning person.

7. I write down and take notes of dialogues from TV shows and movies. What can I say? Sometimes you get wisdom from the unexpected sources.

8. No matter how hot or cold it is, I use a blanket whenever I sleep or take a nap.

9. I feel that if I am wearing sleeveless shirts that I am revealing too much of myself courtesy of my kili-kili (armpits). Which is really weird since I am not that modest. (I do wear sleeveless shirts when it’s too hot). I like it on other women, just not on myself.

10. I can and will eat any food and can be adventurous enough to try and eat exotic foods but will not eat certain fruits. I also refuse to try fruits new to me.

11. I have way more cross stitch stash to last me 3 lifetimes but I refuse to part with it. It is intended for my retirement and I plan to include it in my last will and testament.

12. I was in a Romeo and Juliet play in high school – as Romeo. 😀

13. Whenever I’m upset or when I need to think, I bake. I find comfort in all purpose flour and mixing and kneading clears my head. And I will not just bake one kind of something, it has to be 2 different things like brownies and muffins at the same time. I feel that I am wasting time, energy and gas if I only bake one thing at a time.

14. I have sensitive feet. Certain shoes that have no arch support hurts my feet which makes it hard for me to wear cute flip flops. I still prefer sneakers over sandals. I do wear flip flops and sandals but only if I don’t need to walk a distance or stand for a long time. (Although this is more like me getting old than being weird.boohoohoo)

15. I used to be terrified at night in my sleep because I thought bad people were breaking in our house. I would lie awake at night stiff as a board and silent as a church mouse because I thought the smallest movement or sound will alert thieves.

So there. Weird enough for ya? 😉

I am tagging bangusnakulot, hailey, and kristine.

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  1. Mary, loved your #12. O di ba, we were both “pogi” at some point in our past. Hehehe 🙂

    I love to bake too but not when I’m stressed. I clean the banyo when I’m stressed.

    Eto, weird talaga…mali na naman yun spelling ng link ko dyan sa post mo..hehehe 🙂

  2. Uy Cookie, sorry ano ba yan! Kasing tunog kasi ng “she sells seashells by the seashore” 😀
    O d ba, magugulat silang malaman pala babae tayo. hehehe

  3. Re #3, ganyan ako magbasa ng dyaryo hahaha!

  4. Apir pala tayo Mitch! 🙂

  5. Re: #3 I am kind of same way, I go straight to showbiz (and sports) 😀

    btw, how did you add the PMN logo on the sidebar? I can’t figure it out. thanks

  6. @momoftwo: I am so glad I’m not the only one. 🙂
    I emailed you the instructions 😉

  7. greymom, thanks a lot! it worked 😀

  8. no prob, momoftwo! 😉

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