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FeistyMomma voted me for the rocking girl blogger. Moi! Who just started blogging 4 months ago. If I had the time and energy, I would have made this blog into so much more so I am in fact guilty of not tweaking my blogsite. But still. I try my best.  So thank you so much, FeistyMomma!

This Rockin’ Girl Blogger concept was started by Roberta Ferguson. Now it’s time for me to follow the rule and that is to pick my own 5 Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.

I would like to vote for the following:
Scroochnicles– never a boring post.
mommychi – for being so open and candid about her life
Mitchteryosa – i betcha you talk as fast as you post
Lizzz – the new mom who rocks!
SheilaMarie – great pics and great posts!

I would have voted for more but I betcha they’ve been nominated already. I salute you gals for being rocking girl bloggers! Happy blogging!!!  

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  1. Yahoo!! I won an award!! Wait lang..allow me to wipe some tears away..Hehehe!!

    Uy, thanks ha. It’s truly an honor for me to receive this lalo na from a wonderful person like yourself.

    And from me to you…YOU ROCK!!

  2. Wow I’m included!

    Mahinhin daw akong magsalita eh hehehe!

  3. hey, congrats! You indeed rock! 😉

  4. You’re tagged! 😉

  5. @Cookie: You do rock! Minsan lang tayong magka award so be sure to prepare your acceptance speech. LOL

    @Mitch: Nye, opposite pala ano? Anyways, you rock!

    @Chateau: Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from you. 😉

    @Mitch: thanks, will do your tag next.

  6. Congratulations Mary! It must feel great to be appreciated by people around you. May this nice award continue to inspire you in your writing. Take care and have a fabulous week.

  7. wow! Thanks! =B

  8. @Rachel: Thank you so much. I am really grateful that feistymomma awarded me this even though I feel like I deserve it. LOL

    @Lizzz: You’re welcome!

  9. thanks for the vote! i do appreciate it. will be posting my votes as well and spreading the “love” to others 🙂

  10. No prob, Mommychi! You deserve it! 😉

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