Our Home- the B&B


Having visitors is not uncommon in our household. We always have people coming and going in our house, some of them staying for about a minimum of 2 hours to a year. Yes, you heard it right – 1 year! Maybe it’s a reflection of how gracious we are as hosts or maybe we’re really doormats but somehow guests don’t want to leave our home.

I should be happy, I guess. They must have felt really comfortable in our home – with me or DH driving them around town, and having home cooked meals almost every day. And we do enjoy the company, I will not lie to you about that. BUT and here’s the BIG one – guests also has this bad habit of dropping by with nary a notice. Sometimes it will be the week before and the latest one we just got was for the day itself. DH’s distant relative called on his cel and said: “Hi! We’re in town right now and currently by the White House, is it okay if we sleep at your house tonight? There are 4 of us.” Um, hello! What are we, a B&B (bed and breakfast). Why, even B&B’s get to be overbooked and refuse clients too. I quickly closed my mouth and didn’t say a word. DH, on the other hand was fuming. “What the heck! What do they think we are? A hotel?!” Take note that this is from a distant relative he hasn’t seen in decades.

Now what is it about other people who seem to ignore the fact that perhaps the “hosts” have their own lives too? That we might have made plans? It’s like they think that we are waiting with bated breath for visitors to give us a call. It does not help either that our house is in close proximity to Washington, D.C. Suddenly, the thought of moving to Florida seems appealing by the minute. Hmmm…

One time, my Dad called and told us a priest was coming over for a week because his host family isn’t in town due to conflicts in schedule. My Dad called and told us a week before the priest came. I was so mad but what can I do? It’s a priest! Although we had plans for that weekend, we cancelled our plans and went out of our way to entertain the priest and made sure he’s comfortable and well fed. And then I told my Dad never to do that again. We became friends with the priest though and I guess I have to thank my Dad for introducing us. Who knows, maybe we’ll get extra points in heaven. LOL

When I was working I would lament the never ending guests we’d always have to my co-workers. “You’re such a doormat!” they would say. And I had to defend myself: “Well, it’s also in our culture to always be gracious and hospitable, no matter what. Not even when we’re packed like sardines in the house”. My Hispanic co-worker W laughed: “For us Hispanic people, we say packed like cockroaches”. Oh well, maybe I’ll just install a turnstile in lieu of our front door.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I love having guests around. I love to cook and DH loves to cook and entertain. It’s just the timing sometimes! We wished they gave us ample time to prepare and that they be more considerate instead of them treating us like a convenient way to spend the night/week/month/year. We deserve more than that.

Oh, and the distant relative? DH called and told them we were away from home. 😉 Never heard from them again.

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  1. Ayayay I was just about to post something similar to this a few months ago… Like you I like having guests but I require a notice. If we’re really close with the person/s then I just them a key & tell them to let themselves in & out.

  2. I guess a lot of Pinoys have that habit which can be irritating at times. They automatically assume they can stay at a fellow Pinoy’s place when they are in another country lalo pa pag relative 🙂

  3. @auee: oy, sige please go ahead and post. I would love to hear other Mom’s stories so I won’t feel as bad or alone. 😉

    @andrea: True, and we don’t mind sana as long as may advance notice, ‘di ba?

  4. Don’t you just hate that, lalo na when they drop by and you’re not in your best appearance and hindi ka pa nag-grocery so you don’t have anything to serve. Grabe, hate that talaga!!

    Nga pala..I’ll be in Maryland sometime September so I’m asking 2 months in advance…Hehehe 🙂

    (Pero talagang I’m going with my DH for vacation)

  5. @Kong: LOL, at least ikaw 2 months notice. Sige, email me when you get here. Hmp, if they come over and I have nothing to serve, Chinese take-out ang katapat nila! LOL 😀

  6. One of my reasons for wanting to buy a big house sometime in the future is to provide lodging for family and friends who are in Europe and want to visit us, but after reading this entry nagdadalawang isip ako, haha.

    LOL, I know. Usually ang mga pinoys buy big houses for visiting relatives talaga ano?

  7. Greymom,
    wow! One year! You’re too nice. Buti nalang my distant relatives here are very Americanized meaning they call way in advance if ever they are coming my way. I really don’t like surprise guests not to mention people who would use my home like a B&B.

    You’re very fortunate, Tina. Kami talaga I think we’re doormats. 😦

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