Life Lessons Courtesy of A Camping Trip

picture taken of a barn on the way to the campsite

  1. You can never have too many bottles of Off insect/mosquito repellent
  2. Bring a jacket, the weather gets crazy sometimes. The sunny horizon does not necessarily mean sun. It just might be the polluted air from the nearby city.
  3. Exposing your legs to get a tan works better in beaches, not camping trips. You run the risk of getting mosquito bites the size of Texas or as plentiful as the 7100 islands of the Philippines.
  4. Load up on water. For brushing your teeth, drinking, washing, you name it.
  5. Check if your tent really is waterproof. Just because it came from Sears doesn’t mean it is.
  6. Kids will run around and behave like kids running amok. Even the most well behaved ones turn into cavemen when they’re in nature.
  7. The mere sight of a body of water inspires kids to soak up all their body parts. Make sure you bring lots of change in clothes.
  8. You will discover certain species of insects and animals you never encountered before in your life.
  9. That small black piece of something might not be charcoal.  
  10. Despite all the mosquito bites, dirty kids, long drive and yucky insects they caught, the sight of your kids happy and content makes it all worthwhile.
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  1. On #6 and #7, does that include your DH? Hehehe 🙂

    I have one more tip..remember to bring a flashlight with batteries that work. And make sure to charge the cellphone before leaving the house 🙂

  2. LOL Kong. Sad to say, there was no signal where we went so no one was able to use their cellphones. My kids were so happy that I wasn’t yapping on the phone. 😀
    But it did make for a good, quiet family time. 😉

  3. Love the photo Mary! Point look out is just 15-20minutes away from where we went, by boat that is.

    It’s great you had so much fun with the kids.

  4. Thanks, Tina! It was a 3 hour (approx) drive for us.

  5. I’ve never been camping with my family before. I hope we can do it someday when my son is a little older.

    I’m sure Yohan will love it. And yes, I think it’s better to do it when they’re a little older. That’s why we waited a bit until the boys were. Makes for a more enjoyable outing! 😉

  6. Oh yes you never want to be out of water! hehe

    Curious ako sa #9. What did it turn out to be?

    I didn’t want to know so I didn’t ask pero they thought it was dried animal poop of some kind. eeewww!!

  7. Ewww I probably won’t ask na din. Haha!

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