We finally watched Ratatouille on Saturday. We were supposed to watch it on opening day but it coincided with camping. And then youngest son G got sick for a week. That’s why we had to stay home and do nothing for the 4th of July. All he and I did was watch “The Twilight Zone” reruns and it was a trip back to memory lane for me. He was finally in the clear by week’s end and so we were finally free to watch the movie on Saturday.

This is such a great movie! Highly recommended for kids of all ages. And with the popularity of cooking shows, even foodies would love to watch this. I, for one, was hungry after the movie. Oldest son C, who’s getting to be tweenish (read:harder to please) by every passing minute enjoyed it too. And youngest son G loved the action and the cute furry rats. For once, a movie with no violence and sex. And a moral lesson at the end of the story too. So heartwarming! I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone so I won’t divulge the details nor the ending. Suffice it to say, this is a must-see movie for all families.

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  1. My kids love that movie!! Pero they watched it on DVD na. Alam mo naman dito…pirated agad. Now all their mouse toys are called Ratatouille 🙂

  2. cute, di ba?

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