Summer Mornings


It’s the second week of summer and so far, it’s been okay.
I try my best to keep the boys occupied.
The first few days after school was out- was bliss!
We didn’t have to wake up early and my 10 year old loved sleeping until 9-9:30 a.m.,
DS2 would wake up earlier but will just crawl in bed with me and fall asleep again.
That right there was a great moment.
When you just settle under the covers in soft, smooth blankets 
with your child in your arms.
We wake up and lazily decide what to eat for breakfast. 
They settle on cereal or pandesal (Philippine roll) and milk.
We all read while eating breakfast.
The newspaper gets automatically divided in sections –
the funnies for DS1,
the kid’s post (the kid’s version of the Washington Post) for DS2
and the Metro section for me.
We silently flip through the pages, chomping in between.
For a while, time is suspended and we think of nothing.
We finish off our breakfast and the kids dart to their respective places-
DS1 in the basement
and DS2 in the playroom.
I stay at the kitchen table.
And take in the moment.

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  1. One more day before school’s out here. And I’m sure they’d all be sleeping in too. 🙂

  2. Wow! This one is pretty… 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post.

  4. have more time under the sheets…that is bliss!! Wahhh…I miss summer!!

  5. @niceheart: yup, sleeping in!
    @Lizzz: which one? my post or my pic? 🙂
    @Rach: Thanks! I’m blushing right now.
    @Kong: dontcha worry, summer will just be around the corner before you know it. 😉

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