Women and Their Lover/Killers

On the news is yet another woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend. She was 9 months pregnant. This is such a terrible thing and I cannot understand how a horrendous crime happens to a woman and that it is usually her boyfriend/husband who did this. There was Lacey Peterson, a much publicized missing person’s case. It drew so much media attention because she was 9 months pregnant too and her husband acted peculiarly during the time she was missing. They even did a made-for-TV-movie on Lifetime about Scott Peterson which, according to reviews, were eerily accurate. Dean Cain’s portrayal was so convincing that you’d hate him while watching the movie. I didn’t watch it so I wouldn’t know.

One of the things I cannot really comprehend is how the person who promised to cherish, honor and be with you in sickness and in health end up to be the person to kill you. As in the case of Lacey who was killed by her husband. He was a scumbag to begin with for him to have an affair with another woman while his wife was pregnant. But to kill her and her unborn child? His unborn child too? This is one of the many cases but one of the most recent ones that I can remember but is very much the same scenario. Husband/Boyfriend kills pregnant wife/girlfriend. Well if he didn’t love the person anymore, why can’t he just leave the woman. No reason to kill her! It makes me so mad! One minute he’s being caring and loving and thoughtful and the next he kills? I cannot bear the thought of having someone I sleep with, whisper sweet nothings to and share every waking day with and turn out to the be the same person who takes my life. I shudder at the thought how someone who “cares and loves you” turns out to cold bloodedly kill you.

I feel really sorry for these women who are victims of such crimes. I can only offer my prayers to their families who they left behind.

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  1. I saw it in the news nga. Sobra!! You know, the H and I talk about that sometimes. Not about killing each other but about the possibility that we would change overnight. We both acknowledge that it can happen. We agreed that if it happened, we’d talk about it properly and agree to a compromise. Or else, papatakan ko ng acetone yun tenga nya…go figure

  2. Grabe talaga! I cannot imagine what these men were thinking when they did it. hehehe, acetone pala ha! 😀

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