Scenes of the First Day of Summer

Summer officially started on June 21st here in North America. We decided to go biking and walk along the Huntley Meadows Park. What best way to spend it than to commune with nature. Here are some pictures:

(Pardon the quality as I have yet to figure out how to do the alignment without messing up the pic.)


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  1. greymom! i love the pictures, esp the first one you took. may i download it to use for my desktop? it’s so peaceful to look at =)

  2. no prob, smarie. i’m glad you liked it! πŸ™‚ i just thought it was a good kodak moment.

  3. Wow!! Saan yan? Ang ganda naman..nga pala, were in the US ka? Just wondering πŸ™‚

  4. Mary, you can edit your photos through Adobe Photoshop if you have the software/program installed in your pc. Here’s how-to:

    -Open the Adobe Photoshop program (I’m using 6.0)
    -Click the file button and click the “open” text under it.
    -Choose the file you want to open in the Open/look in window/box.
    -Once you’ve chosen your photo, click the open button and the photo would appear in the main Photoshop page.
    -You can crop (looks like a diamond lying on its side) your photos using the sidebar icons on the left to remove the sides not really relevant or sides in the photo you can do without.
    -Then click the image text on top.
    -Then click on the image size to resize your photo through the pixel size. I always use 300 pixels (according to hubby’s instructions) for the width with which the height would adjust to automatically.
    -Then click ok.
    -You can see how it looks by clicking on the zoom tool (one that looks like a magnifying lens)located at the sidebar icons with the crop tool.
    -Then click “save as” under the file text.
    -Before you save, change the file name first. For example: IMG_2391.jpg (original photo), save as IMG_2391b.jpg for you to know which is the original photo and which is the edited one.
    -After you click the save button, there is going to be a box about JPEG Options. You can choose the high quality image for the image option before you click ok.
    -Using your wordpress blog, you upload the photos, right? You can either choose “using thumbnail” or “using original”. Choose the original. If it is still very big and goes out of the border, you can resize by clicking on the photo so that you can resize using the lower right corner. Just move your cursor over there until you get a double arrow icon which you can use to make your photos smaller to fit the template.

    WHEW! Hope I was able to help you. The idea behind resizing the photo is to make downloading of your website easier because your photos aren’t “heavier”. I am using a dial-up connection which is slooowww, your photos didn’t download entirely. Btw, are those raspberries?

  5. @Kong: I am in Northern Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C.

    @Julie: Thank you so much. I knew I can count on you to give me advice/tips. Pagpasensyahan na lang po ang newbie. hehehe And they’re blackberries. My mouth was salivating and I wanted to try them but my DS1 L said: “Mom, don’t eat them ’cause we don’t know what particular species they are”. Hmp! cge na nga! KJ! 😦

  6. My BIL and his wife and son used to live in Alexandria but they have moved and their address escapes me at the moment. Hope I can introduce you to them. πŸ™‚

    MIL just passed her US visa interview and she plans to go there in time for winter.

  7. Julie, sayang! It would have been nice to meet your BIL. Shy naman ako with your MIL. πŸ˜‰

  8. Mary, MIL just got her ten-year multiple entry visa. Didn’t think they still give that, makapag-apply nga, hehehe.

    I’ll email you BIL address when I find it. They are still in Alexandria pala. Mabait naman sila. πŸ™‚

  9. Julie, I heard they are indeed doing that now. Sige, apply ka so we’ll see each other. πŸ˜‰

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