Last Day of School

It’s the last day of school for my kids. And I spent the whole day running around and driving to and fro. First, I had to drop them off to school, then after 2 hours (it was a shortened period as it was the last day and they spent the day mostly cleaning up and gathering their left-over school supplies and signing each others’ yearbooks) I had to pick up DS2. DS1 goes to a different school and his dismissal time is one hour after DS2. After picking up DS2, I belatedly remembered that I did not send a gift to DS1’s teacher so I had to hurry up and wrap one up. And then I remembered that I had to pick up DS1’s asthma inhaler from the clinic before school lets out. So I had to go to DS1’s school to 1)pick up the inhaler and 2) drop off the gift for his teacher. When we (DS2) got there, parking was scarce as there was a send off party for the 6th graders. I had to hurriedly park wherever I can (which was far) and made a mad dash to the school with DS2 in tow. I would have picked up DS1 but then I remembered that I forgot to wrap a gift for DS1’s schoolbus lady. So drive off to the house again and wrapped a gift and waited for DS1’s bus at the stop. As I was making the turn, I saw that his bus was coming along and I had to park only to see that it was not his regular bus lady but a sub. Before I can even get down from my car and try to stop the bus driver he left. So there I was sweating bullets with a gift in my hand. Oh well, I’ll just go to the school and drop it off another day.

Let me tell you – I am way more organized than this. I pride myself in being prepared way ahead. I have a drawerful of gifts for whatever occassion, a card organizer, gift bags and ribbons, the whole nine yards. But for some reason, I totally forgot about the last day of school. Boohoohoo, I’m getting old!

But seriously, life gets so overwhelming sometimes. And I’m only human after all.

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  1. Sometimes we get so pre-occupied with our chores that we sometimes forget this little but important things. No worry, it happens to everyone!

    Im sure everything will turn out well.

  2. Wow…ok ah. If that were me I’d have to go to the spa to destress immediately after. Well at least it’s the last day of school. You have an entire summer to relax.

    Nga pala, thanks for the “Selma Blair” comment. Feeling ko ang haba ng hair ko..natatapakan ko na nga eh 🙂

  3. happy monday greymom! 🙂

  4. Whoa! Your day sounds hectic! This usually happens to me too, with my girls studying in two different campuses. Of course there are errands to do, things to buy, bills to pay. hahahay, SAHMing isn’t an easy job. And yes, speaking of age, I find myself becoming more forgetful na. *sigh*

  5. @SassyMom: thanks for dropping by and for the re-assurance! 😉

    @Kong: Naku eh no time din nga to go the spa yet. I have cancelled my appointment for the nth time ’cause it won’t fit in my sked. Kamukha ka talaga ni Selma Blair – pretty kayo pareho. 🙂

    @Kathy: Happy Monday din 2 u!!! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Imom(Chateau): Right you are. They think that because we’re SAHMs we have it easy. They don’t know that it’s the hardest job anyone can ever have.

  6. greymom, don’t worry, it’s not because you are getting old. LOL! it happens to everyone =D sounds like you really had busy day, no wonder you forgot

  7. Thanks, smarie. It was a pretty hectic day indeed!

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