The Painted Veil


Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people

The Painted Veil

Watched this movie last night with DH. It was higly recommended by my friend D. I didn’t know it was a dramatic movie but DH watched it with me all throughout. It’s a movie set in 1920’s England and then China (DH said it was shot in Thailand due to the landscape). It’s a very poignant story about a husband and a wife who got married in a rush. The man is inlove with the woman but the woman just married him just so he can get away from her mother. What happened next, you’ll have to watch the movie as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

What matters is that it is a movie of trying to find oneself – in life and in love. And when they finally found it, the end was bittersweet. The message is that even though sometimes we do the things we do and despite making mistakes in our lives, it is human nature and so if forgiving and starting anew. And loving again.

This movie wasn’t an overly dramatic movie but the message cut across and I enjoyed it. I don’t know about you but nowadays there are some movies that are too realistic that some graphic scenes makes me want to leave. And I do. Because we usually watch these kinds of movies in the confines of our home, I have the option to leave for violent or unpleasant scenes. This movie, thankfully had none of those. I sat through the whole movie and I think DH liked it too. 😉

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  1. This movie is really good…Ed Norton is reliable as ever..

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